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The temp is around 131F. I havd it running hard the past 3-4 days at least 15 hours at a pop and not shutting down. Hard meaning burning 150 4.4gb DVD's.  I first noticed the fans were loud. I stopped timemachine and they are quiet for now, it is still hot. Now 126.

What is the 'normal'? It is a intel dual 2.33mz with 4 gigs of memory. I upgraded to a 500 gig HD. I know it is 7 years old but this thing is a TANK.






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    Install iStat pro (down load from the Internet) and this will tell you the internal temperatures and fan speeds of your MBP.  Open Activity Monitor when you are experiencing what you consider 'hot' temperatures and note the CPU activity.  The temperatures you are reporting are not excessively high for CPU intensive applications.


    'Normal' is dependent upon what you are requiring the CPU to do.  Note that there are internal thermal sensors that will shut your MBP down before any heat damage can occur.