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  • Niall Level 2 Level 2

    totally agree - i took my 17" on the road with me when it was the only 17" laptop on the market - and I know at least a dozen people who bought macs as a result of seeing my Powerbook 17".


    I was looking forward to upgrading to the new 17" pro (currently have 15" macBookpro i7)


    Apple needs to make a better equipped, master of all trades pro laptop, with a 17" screen, not dump it's pro users in favour of mass market sales figures.

  • whitedragon101 Level 1 Level 1

    To any Apple moderators:


    I agree with the other 17" users.  I am a web developer and have a 17" Macbook Pro.  It is an awesome tool and the 17" display really gives you the room to use this as a desktop replacement.  I love the SSD of the new 15" retina but a 15" screen just isn't big enough to use as a desktop replacement for professional use.  Please please create a 17" version (even with the same 1920x1200 screen which is near retina anyway).


    Pro's need a 17" laptop and apples 17" Macbook Pro is the only one that fits the bill,

    please bring it back.


    (ps to the person who said pro users have influence beyond their numbers you are dead right.  I have personally convinced about 20 people to buy macs.)

  • stkmks Level 1 Level 1

    I really, really mourn the loss of my form factor.


    Even if its online order only would be great.


    I'm wondering if there really isn't a market for 17 inch notebooks.. They're some of the most expensive laptops on the planet, which to me would indicate that the user base is some of the most committed apple users to acutally spend the money on one.. BUT they don't upgrade that often due to the expense.


    What happens when everyones mbp's fall off?


    Display size is one of those "can't go back" features. The fact that i have 2 30 inch monitors.. and take the 17 when im mobile.. anyways.




    How about a limited edition run or something where we can get the current spec bump in the old form factor? One last go?! Please?!??!

  • fcan Level 1 Level 1

    17" MBP was for the pros.  While most of the people don't like to carry around heavy units, we, after the third or fourth straight hour suffer from the screen size which tires us too much kills our productivity.


    I've have never complained about my the weight of my 17" even during the longest business trips.


    We are ready to carry more and in fact we were ready to pay more.  So, whoever is reading this blog in Apple please hear our cries!!!!

  • rcc Level 1 Level 1

    I too am very displeased. My 17" was stolen today! That was bad enough, but going online to order a replacement and finding out that my two options are 15" or Used is heartbreaking. I didn't know until today that I had obsolete equipment. It seems like a further sign that Apple is changing in ways that may make it more profitable in the short run, but will make it like many other formerly respected tech companies that lost their way. Lost brand identity, lost consumer loyalty.


    If they won't service pro customers, what is their excuse for not licensing the technology for clones?

  • PDS360 Level 1 Level 1

    After the announcement of the new MBP's i was highly disappointed to see that the 17" form factor wasn't included. I am someone who has been using Apple Computers and Pro Apps for 15 years. I have had a MBP 17" since they were released as a Powerbook and I have upgraded every 24 months. I Work in film and Television and in my industry just about every professional on the media application side of the industry uses a 17" MBP and all of them are lost for words at Apples move to discontinue the line regardless of sales figures. I have sat on my hands for 3 days after the announcement wondering what to do because I was holding out for an upgrade and now thats out of the question for two reasons. screen size and connectivity.


    1. Even though the new Retina Display holds more pixels than the 17" MBP trying to work effectively in a multi window app off a screen of that size would be detrimental to my eyesight and quite frankly i'd need stronger glasses than the ones i'm already wearing.


    2. On location i may be required to plug in to an established field unit requiring Ethernet connectivity for reliable and fast connection, firewire for Deck Control of tape machines, display out for dual display, usb for multi button programmable mouse, usb for keyboard, usb for external external hard drive, Express 34 slot for direct insertion of Sony SxS cards as well as eSATA adaptor for media drives. Even with all this I sometimes require an additional hub for card readers or thumb drives etc.


    As it stands the 17" is a work horse that fits most industry pro's portable needs to kill it is just a slap in the face. Somehow i cant see my next data wrangler on set working with a 15" screen. he will simply buy a PC because it's about what he needs to get his job done not what looks pretty on his desk.


    I've really have tried to think of a way to make this work but i can't. If I was to buy one of these things i would have to spec it up so that's AUD$4906.00 with inclusions like the ethernet adaptor, apple care etc etc. then once I start adding the Hubs and Express port adaptors it gets up to about $5500.00.which is completely ludicrous given that if i put it up against the top of the line HP portable workstation I get more bang for my buck with the PC and everything is built in sure it's heaps heavier but who cares!!! At least I don't have to carry around a separate bag of peripherals and waste time plugging them in.


    YES in my heart of hearts i want an Apple MacBook Pro but not if it's going to be a pain to work with. Unfortunately it means any work I now do will know longer be on Final Cut as I'll be switching back to AVID and to keep compatibility between all of my office machines i'll will migrate them all across to PC. Luckily I am comfortable In either environment. I just prefer working with Mac's.


    I still can't fathom removing the ethernet port ( the most stable way of connecting to the internet ) just to provide a thinner laptop which is more expensive only to sell the port back to us as a peripheral at a premium and have it use up a thunderbolt port in the process. No I think you've lost me this time. around.


    People who want the 17" reserected don't forget to flood feedback at:



    and spread the word.

  • ArcProjector Level 1 Level 1

    Best Buy if you are in the US, and Mac Mall have them. Mac Mall has some good prices on pretty good units. Mostly 4GB RAM with everything else pretty much maxed out.

  • ArcProjector Level 1 Level 1

    I hope every 17" MBP user takes your suggestion. I did. No telling if Apple will listen, but if they don't I'll have a decision to make. In the computer type, the 17" is not even available as an option on the feedback form. Sad and riduculous!

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9

    Screen pixels:


    17" MacBook Pro -- 1920 by 1200 (native)

    15" MacBook Pro retina -- 2880 by 1800 pixels


    Your movie and a whole lot more fits on that screen, and it is lighter.

    And it supports up to two  external displays if you like.

  • Niall Level 2 Level 2

    The 17" MacBook Pro was the flagship of the fleet. The computer not everyone could afford, and the computer not veryone had the lifestyle for. The jewel in the crown, the object of desire. It is the computer used by a lot of professionals. Apple have dramatically sunk their own flagship. Someone at the core of Apple is rotten.

  • ArcProjector Level 1 Level 1

    Think of how much more would fit on the 17" screen. The point is I don't really need any external monitors at all with 17" for most of the time. If I want a bigger screen, I'd probably buy an iMac, but that's not too portable.



    It's more about Apple presumptively assuming that all us 17" people will just suck it up and buy the even more proprietary retina class 15" MBPs.



    It reminds of me of Apple's arrogance and pricing strategy that eventually lead to their first fall.

  • Niall Level 2 Level 2

    Exactly - they have lost the plot totally. I really wish I could spend an afternoon with Jonny Ives and give him a good kick up the ****. He designs well, but his talents fall short of understanding the portable pro market. We've been putting up with removal of features for years now and the joke is wearing  very, very thin. Apple are carelessly losing the support of their core community, they will be left with a bunch of posers...


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  • Niall Level 2 Level 2

    Grant - With all due respect - who are you trying to kid? A 17" screen is 17" and anythig else is NOT 17" ...Gedddit?

  • Seth A Level 1 Level 1

    I agree that they should not abandon a perhaps small but important part of the MacBook Pro market. I left feedback at the Apple site noted in the earlier post on this page. I have an older 17 in. and have ordered one of the current/last version.

  • random47 Level 1 Level 1

    All that means is everything is a lot smaller on a smaller screen.

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