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    Yeah, same here.

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    my method above requires cmd+r for utilities on rescue partition of Lion, but  i think that an emergency utility disk could be that serve to this, in machines that not has this partition. I don't know if a emergency utility or rescue disk enable to download from internet, but terminal aplication must be there.

    And I answer this from my repaired mac , I don't have a external disk or another mac for the cmd+T, method, so I use terminal app to apply the combo update.

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    I can only assume this is due to demand on their servers at the moment.  I'm not sure what else would cause the excessive time to download.  The credentials may just be a timed out thing...who knows.  Can you try via ethernet rather than WiFi?  I wish I knew more to offer you more advice...


    Maybe try the combo updator method discussed above, if you have the extra mac?

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    Thanks for your help MrE_the_Great and all who asked the question and those who answered!


    i've got the OS X Lion update going - 106 hours 42 min remaining ? Not sure about that bit. We'll see if it's relative to what is happening.


    Quite a remarkable glitch there APPLE!



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    Comfirned: the Combo Updater is likely the easiest way to fix this problem.

    Confirmed: only ThunderBolt 1.2 causes the kernel panics. (The other updates appear to work fine)


    If you have another Mac (MUST also be running Lion), you should be able to boot your kernel-panic Mac into (T) Target more, attach it via Firewire to your good Mac, and run the Combo Updater on the Firewire-attached drive.



    BUT, if you don't have another Mac running Lion, but can download the Combo Updater to a USB stick (or you may already have this on your HD), you can (off the top of my head, check syntax):



    Reboot with Cmd-R (Select Recovery Disk, or boot into install CD)

    Utilities Menu : Terminal


    From within Terminal window:


    cd /Volumes/USB_Stick

    hdiutil attach MacOSX10.7.4.dmg

    cd /Volumes/MacOSX10.7.4

    installer -pkg combo-updater.pkg -target /Volume/Your-HD-Internal

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    I'm on an early 2011 MBP 17" / OS X 10.7.4.  Same problem here: kernel panic after the Thunderbolt update. (since this was yesterday and I didn't know what caused it I had the same problem twice before I discovered it was the Thunderbolt update). Took me hours to reinstall Lion + combo update twice. I'm back online now and just noticed Apple pulled the Thunderbolt update 2 hours ago. As a long time user and long time Apple shareholder needless to say I'm not a happy camper right now. I'm also not as confident installing new updates as I used to be. I could imagine there are countless users having bigger problems than me right now because of this. An official Apple reaction would be appreciated.

    BTW: the 6.0 Airport Utility didn't download for a couple of hours...

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    Same thing happened to me, early 2011 MBP 15". I just moved and forgot to back up for the past month, only thing that saved my butt was my windows 7 partition.  I was able to get the files I needed before doing a restore. I'm increasingly irritated with apple, their software updates are the tech equivalent of Russian roulette. I've had final cut pro update issues, lion issues, things that aren't major but detract from the overall experience. For me Lion has been as terrible as Vista. I'm really disappointed with apple, and judging by the size of this thread I'm not the only one.

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    Had the same exact problem, lost about 6 hours of computing to it while I let it restore its most recent time capsule backup.  I'm installing the rest of the updates now excluding thunderbolt of course, it looks like they might have pulled that one from their servers.

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    I'm back on the air now after restoring OSX. Took some time, but no apparent issues. Thanks for your help on this. I think I'll go for no more updates untill I get back home to get a fresh time machine backup.


    Thanks again

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    Kudos to you. It's taken Apple way too long to acknowledge and fix this serious problem.


    Maybe they'll make it a priority and get it fixed now.

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    thanks MrE - it downloaded Lion eventually and working now.  Just need to fix photoshop and i think we're there.


    cheers for your help,


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    hey all.. thanks a lot for valuable suggestions on fixing "panic"..pls help me on fixing the iphoto issue too!

    anybody knows about other issues which might have impacted MBP because of this update??



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    I have Mac Book Pro thats Late 2011. We need an answer of how to get out of this problem with the less risk for us i have all my work in my mac and i dont have fast internet to get all the updated done in less than 2 days isnt there Ny other way more than 8800 readers so i guess this problem is a real problem And we want a real solution maybe a file that we can dld to remove this updAte through usb i dont know what to do and please if someone is 100% certain of his solution put it all and please put it in steps that we can follow for the less risk of losing our files and work time is money and this stupid update could cost me my job.

    Thank you guys and i hope someone from this website(apple) could send us te solution for a 300kb update that has put my 750 gb hd in gepordy

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    Many users got tired of waiting for Apple to acknowledge the bugs in the 10.7.4 update and/or provide a fix and emailed Tim Cook directly.


    Hopefully we can expect some action soon to fix this debacle.

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    If you're already in when booting from the recovery partition then the easiest way to repair things is to simply copy


        /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleBCM570 1 Ethernet.kext


    from the recovery partition to your damaged system. Eg. using "cp -rp ..."


    No need to reinstall completely or restore the whole system from backup or fiddle around with target disk mode.

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