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    Hi Swire,


    I have since spoken with manager of my nearest store where I took my MBP after the update fiasco. I had sent him an e-mail regarding the below par service I had received and made it clear this was constructive feedback rather than just simply wanting to have a go. He took on board my point that when you book a genius bar and you are given a slot 15mins before the store closes then as a customer I shouldn't  expect the so called genius to keep dropping hints that they close at such and such a time but it's ok as you are here so we will see what we can do etc. My appointment was booked by the apple care over the phone when I couldn't get Lion to download and as I paid for this service I expect to be treated with more respect , even though this was apple's fault not mine so had I not had the extended cover I wouldn't have paid in any case, again he agreed.


    My other concern was after explaining very slowly and carefully to the er genius that my MBP came with Snow Leopard installed rather than Lion and that I had my external drive for time machine with me in case it was needed, he still insisted on installing Lion from one of their drives and then telling me I'd simply just need to download iphoto from the mac app store and everything should be fine and sending me home withought making sure everything was working properly. If the genius had done his job properly rather than having his eye on the clock I would not have to had spend another evening on the phone with apple care before being told to simply install from a time machine back up which worked and then re install all the updates ...... again ! While this was going on the apple care rep over the phone explained very clearly that you cannot download imovie or iphoto from the mac app store for free unless your machine came with Lion pre installed. I'm still at a loss as to why the genius was not aware of this and while the manager stated he must have got confused I simply stated I had explained all this before hand !


    The manager stated he would be speaking to the genius and thanked me for the feedback as that is not the sort of service apple expects it's customers to receive . He also pointed out that the genius folk normally work on later after the store closes so there was no need to for the hints about the store will be closing soon etc . The manager wasn't  unaware of the kernal panic until he had read my e-mail but didn't really say too much about it. I used fuel to get to and from that store and lost time which I could have really done without and I wasn't the only one. I'm certainly not going to forget this as I feel it's important to remember apple have got very wealthy from the money we as customers have spent on their products and the service they promise to deliver. I will be holding them to account regarding their ethos when they fail to deliver. I do hope you get your problem sorted out as it's frustrating , more so when you know it's due to someone's incompetent behaviour. The common thread regarding this experience is there was no time or consideration for the consumer , from the rushed  thunderbolt update to the way I was treated at the store and let's hope this isn't a rot starting to set in due to arrogant complacency.

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    I believe this is more a reversion back to what was an older standard of class distinction within the Apple Store.  I believe putting emphasis back to the customer with respect is more likely the newer paradigm.  That being said, my experience in our Apple Stores has improved over the years, but the so called genius bars are hit or miss.  I actually had someone help me, while they were tasked with a personal lesson. They made sure I was taken care of, which was nice.  On the other hand, there are so many that will not even acknowledge your existence if you are not wearing the Apple logo on your shirt.

    I am concerned to hear that the manager of the store was not aware of the problem though. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but it sounds more like the store manager came from the HR vice the technical side.  I believe Apple OnceCare as a paid service should go away.  Or at least have a better triage method.  You would think the company that could bring us SIRI would have a better method in place.  They should take and listen to every call from a customer, then give you the options. One thing I would like to see in all help calls too is a conference call function, vice hold and wait.  I would like my help desk to openly acknowledge if they are unaware of an issue, but include me on their effort to learn and resolve an issue. 

    The saving grace for Apple has been communities like this.  When I encountered this update problem, I was about to panic.  I went through the Apple troubleshooting books, and nothing.  But a search of the Apple community forums and my recovery was easy, and free.  I do hope that they will find a way to have more Apple presence in these community forums, and maybe even have a method to have questions not only direct by subject, but have them highlighted to your local Apple Store genius.  It might be a lot to ask for, but than again it's Apple.  I think Steve Jobs would support it.

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    Agreed ! I recall the a scene in the film Falling Down where Michael Douglas's character took the take way shop staff to task as the burger they served him didn't match the picture of what the customer is promised. If any of us walk into their stores to buy one of their products they'd be all over you like a rash and if it was something such as the iphone or a mac they's be sure to plug applecare and it's benefits. We as customers should experience that same level of enthusiasm when we go into a store or call them to sort out faults etc. Rather simple and this in turn would ehance and more importantly maintain their reputation. When you take into account they rely on repeat custom you'd think this would be very obvious across the board.


    I do recall the genius mentioning he'd heard about the thunderbolt update , again strange his manager did not nor the telephone tech guys that I spoke with hmmm? I also agree 100% regarding a better triage so when customers call or have a genius appointment you know your issue will be taken care of properly. Apple have postitoned themselves as a company that sells premier products , like BMW, Rolls Royce et al. Customers who buy premier products expect premier service and if there is is any disparity between the two it's never ever going to end well . Forums like this are great as you can often find a fix and have a laugh and as long as no one becomes a " keyboard warrior" and starts behaving in an anti social way , forums are great. Not sure if apple take any notice of these but they could learn a thing or three if they do.

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    it happened to me too. It seams lile Apple bacame new Microsoft

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