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Minutes after receiving the Apple Security Update in my email, I quickly ran the system wide Apple Software Update (OS X Lion 10.7.4, Macbook Pro8,2). With the iTunes update came two other updates. The first update was for iPhoto '11. The second update was for the Thunderbolt to support Gigabit Ethernet. To the best of my knowledge, all went well with downloading. It was a hefty update, the iPhoto '11 update alone being 599.65 MB. After installation, a dialog appeared allowing the user to "Restart now" or later. A firm believer in immediately restarting the computer when it tells me to, I did so. Once the desktop faded, my mac began installing my updates as the updates could not have been installed while core system services were running. In about 10 minutes, the progress bar had reached the end, but a peculiar dialog appeared. It said that the updates that I wanted installed, were not installed. I pressed the only button on the dialog which removed the dialog box and left me with the empty wallpaper of the same texture as the iOS 5 Notification Center, the same wallpaper used during Mac Recovery during bootup. After another 10 minutes, nothing had changed; I was still staring at this lovely wallpaper. Knowing things had gone sour, I held down the power button for a few seconds until it turned off. After turning the computer back on, and booting into Mac OS X, I was, and still am, faced with a few lines of text.


Now I am unable to boot into Mac OS X.

There is no recovery partition (as I'm triple booting, which apparently mac doesn't like), but I have booted into a Recovery-ish mode using the Lion Internet Recovery. I have verified the disk: no problems found, a good solid green line saying everything's ok. I went ahead and clicked on repair, to which it did not report fixing anything. I am currently booted into my Windows 7 (also noted my Windows is running incredibly slow, possibly just a placebo effect of me losing my Mac OS X) in which I am typing this. I have my Mac OS X backed up via Time Machine from earlier this morning (thank goodness...) but I would still like to not have to wipe my harddrive, install Snow Leopard, upgrade to Lion, install Windows 7, install linux, and then restore respective operating system's data.


Is there ANY possible way I can make my Mac OS X bootable again? Or even re-installing Snow Leopard/Lion without touching the partitions behind it?


Link to screenshot of verbose boot screen:

(As this website tries to put in the entire photo in its fullest resolution if I post the picture here...)

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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