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My iTunes Match seems to hang while gathering information; it hasn't gotten to step 2 in ages and never gets to step 3. 

I've updated today to the most recent version of iTunes, but it didn't fix it.


Any ideas how to solve this on a mac?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Unfortunately, I had the same issue when I first signed up. It took me 5 stops and starts before it got everything in. The jury is still out on this, as it won't get much better after this dazzling entry into the cloud. Now that I use it, I listen to about the first two songs of an album through my iPhone 4, max, and then the track stops and starts and runs the downloading circle. Very frustrating.

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    I had this same issue when I first got iTunes match.  I had about 10,000 songs.  It looks like it's not working but it is, but it takes a LOOOOONG time to upload and match.  I had to let my computer sit for pretty much two days and eventually everything got uploaded and was accessible.

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    Hi folks,


    I found a solution in case your MATCH is still buggy...


    JUST BOOT YOUR MAC HOLDING THE SHIFT KEY (until you see a progress bar).


    Then in itunes disable and re-enable iTunes Match.


    It should rescan all your library and eventually works.


    At the end just reboot your Mac normally.


    Best regards from Paris.