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  • carl wolf Level 6 (14,625 points)

    "It's too bad Apple is unable to come up w/another solution other than axing it altogether."


    Buy a refurbished 17" MBP from the online Apple Store.

  • David Lyndal Level 1 (10 points)

    No, if a product doesn't appeal to the masses a company will most likely get rid of it. And it was even in Macworld app that Apple didn't debute a 17 inch because it didn't fit well wtih thier notebook line. And the Mac Pro has a big enough market, it is more popular among school district and heavy duty media editors. And a 19 inch? Mind as well carry an iMac with you everywhere in a case. And the iPad isn't a reincarnated Newton. And where is your proof to suport that?

  • firtree Level 1 (0 points)

    yes carl. if you read my other posts that's exactly what i'm doing. :-)

  • kc1974 Level 1 (0 points)

    Adds nothing to the discussion.

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    Someone is getting sold a product they don't need (ie ripped off) if someone somewhere at some time is using Xeons to teach kids.


    Yeah it doesn't make sense that the mac pro is around. The only single one thing that diy/windows does much better than apple is on the desktop (vs the mac pro). I can't imagine why keeping the mac pro around..?


    I still want a new 17. Thanks.

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    I know this is continuing to send this thread off topic, but... as far as "it doesn't make sense to keep the Mac Pro around"...



    18,000+ users would like a new tower.  I wonder if someone at Apple has declared (in revolutionary style of some French leaders from history), "Let them have iPads!"  Lol.





  • Richard Liu Level 1 (45 points)



    I developed some machine learners to classify scientific documents on a Mac Pro.  I could have had a Linux or Windows box.  The Windows box disqualified itself at the time because it didn't support 64-bit mode (incl. addressing enough memory) very well.  For me, the Mac Pro was better than a Linux box because of all the "creature comfort" Mac versions of the Open Source software offered.


    ... back to the MBP 17", however:


    In the last few years the 17" model has always been the last to receive any upgrades.  From an engineering point of view, this is not surprising.  Just as the skeleton of anorexic people can't support a large body, the size of the 17" model is a challenge for engineers if it can be no thicker than the 15" MBP.  Sure, it has more space inside, but without extra supporting elements, the shell affords less resistence to bending and torsion.  SO:  Even if Apple is planning to bring out an upgraded MBP 17", one wouldn't expect it to be announced at the same time as the upgraded 13" and 15" models.  The only question is, is Apple planning a 17" model?  As far as I know, we have no word from Apple on that.  Yes, there are reports from all sorts of secondary sources that the MBP 17" has been axed, which seems to be boulevard journalism for "there isn't one on the price list."  Yes, up to now, the fact that the MBP 17" wasn't being upgrade at the same time as the other two models was no reason for not continuing to sell the old model.  I've presented some reasons why the old MBP 17" is no longer being produced which do not imply that it won't be.


    If Apple intends to produce an MBP 17" as soon as the market decides whether a Retina display an an emaciated body is sufficient reason for the price jump -- remember:  up to now, new models sold for no more than the models that they replaced --, then I suppose telling them that you want a 17" model will reassure them.  If not, I doubt that threatening to buy a Windows 17" laptop is going to sway them.



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    Ok so here is the scoop.  I used to have a 17"MBP.  I loved it.  It recently died a horrible death by motherboard failure.  I reluctantly ordered the new 15.4 MBP with retina display and WOW.  I do not miss my 17” MBP anymore, honestly I can’t even tell the difference between the screen size because the resolution is so great.  Also there is something about how the screen is built in to the computer….I don’t know how they did it, but the screen feels just as big as my 17”, but crystal clear.  (Except for MS Office + few other programs look like ****)  IF you are used to the old 17” screens, the transition to the new 15.4” will be welcomed when you consider what the new screen size and resolution actually is.   


    Honestly, if you are thinking about buying a out of date or old 17” MBP on Craigslist or else where, don’t waist your money, just buy the new MBP, it is simply amazing in more ways then just the screen.  It's weight, speed, and operating system (soon to be upgraded) are all better than I ever expected.  Granted it is stupid expensive, but you get what you pay for.


    To all you PC suckers out there, I can run windows 7 on my new MBP faster and better than any of the most expensive PC’s on the market today.   So now that I have the world’s best computer at my fingertips… I can tell you unequivocally this is the best **** screen and laptop ever built.   So I hope this helps some of you who are in limbo about why there is no more 17” screen.  It is just simply not needed anymore with the resolution and size of the new screen

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    Glad your happy.  I on the other hand bought my 5th, this time refurbished 17", ditched the HD put in a SSD, beefed the ram and have a unit that gives me the real estate i need - I will never buy the 15"


    Please see my previous comments re this new 15" - I see no benefits in it whatsoever, apart from a sparkly new screen, and the fact that commonly use apps like MS Office ('spit') cant take advantage of a higher res says it all. And off topic why do ppl still use MSOffice, when apps like Open Office exist, unless youre a publisher or the like?

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    K... not going to read the rest of your posts... LOL.  But don't get me wrong if they made the new one in a 17" display, I would have bought it. I really only posted because I had read some comments before I purchased and I feel that if you haven't experienced the product, you may want too.  I bought this on a whim as there are no display models in my area and I wanted 16mb of ram and the quad qore for doing video editing.  The 15.4" screen is beyond my expectations. Amazing for what I am using this for all and all.  If I need a bigger screen I use my 27" Imac.  I thought the transition was going to suck but it really isn't all to bad.

      I spent around $3400 and if you upgraded to 500g SSD and 16mb of RAM, then you must have spent like $4500 give or take. But the reality is apple isn't making that size anymore and "never" is a long time.

  • Richard Liu Level 1 (45 points)



    I would guess from your enthusiasm about the Retina screen on the 15.4 inch MacBook Pro that either you are not running it at 1920 x 1200 or you have very young eyes.  I also suspect that money is no problem for you.  Could you tell us for what you use the MBP?


    I am very seriously considering a refurbished MBP 17".  The Oct. 2011 model costs CHF 2,199, approx. USD 2,215.  For USD 158 I can upgrade the memory to 16GB, and for USD 132 I can get a 1TB hard disk and a DIY kit incl. enclosure for the replaced hard disk.  And, if I could sell my MBP 17" for, say, USD 1,000, that would make the total cost of the upgrade rather modest.




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    So you spent $3400.  I guess you took the 2.6G option with 16G ram, very shiny I'm sure.



    Well lets compare my new 17" with  base 15" with 16 G upgrade (closer than 2.6G model):

    17"15" retina

    2.4G quad i72.3G quad i7
    256GSSD samsung 830 $290AUS256GSSD
    16G ram16G ram
    +750G HDD

    Mount $58AUS


    Total $2961


    Costs $222 but I get a 750G HDD worth around $130AUS

    Whilst not directly comparable due to changes in ports, video card etc, some of which are problemtaic as I have posted before, given the practical uselessness of a display that exceeds current blu ray specs and current best DSLR camera image quality and has very few applications that take advantage of the retina displays full resolution, as I have said before why bother.  Whilst it costs me about $90 more bear in mind the processor is slightly faster - a fair trade off, I have a 750G HDD and keep my 17" real estate, but hey enjoy your new 15".

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    I have used the 17" MacBook Pro since first it came out, and think Apple is INSANE if it lets it die.  For a professional who needs screen real estate--not just video or graphics people, but editors who have several documents open at once, etc.--it is fantastic.  I have loved it and was looking forward to obtaining one for my son.  Why on earth would they stop this?  I cannot believe that Steve Jobs would have done this.  I am not against making the laptop world more interpermeable with iPhone, iPad, etc.; but there are some of us who use the laptop for more difficult professional tasks.  Going back to a 15" would be ****.  Everyone who cares about the 17" should somehow contact Apple to let them know how large and disastrous a mistake this is.

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    It isn't just a matter of screen resolution, either.  It is literally the screen real estate.  Why on earth wouldn't Apple see this?  This is a luxury product, the deepest & most elegant & best they ever made.  I fear it is part of the loss of the commitment to computing products in favor of the "all in" approach to making everything an adjunct of the iPhone & iPad.  I'm not against deep interpermeability.  But one musn't lose the luxury of the best computing products in doing that...  I had, quite frankly, planned on buying 17" MacBook Pros for myself and my family until I was interred.  Apple seems devoted to achieving the latter prematurely, through sheer shock.  I'm an academic for whom the other units are simply not comparable.  And there are many others who feel the same way. 

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