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I know, I know, you can't expect your computer not to become outdated when new models come out, but I'm literally in shock right now. Less than a month ago I shelled out $4100 for a completely maxxed-out 2.5 ghz 15" MBP with antiglare screen, 512GB SSD, and 8GB RAM. Now I learn that the new standard model comes with equal or superior specs (faster processor, better screen, thinner, USB 3, HDMI port, etc.) for $2800?! That is really outrageous, no? If I want to get the new MBP I will have to take a huge loss when selling my current one.

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    Every MBP owner suffers the same fate as you.  As soon as you buy one, it simply a matter of time before a 'better' one comes out and displaces the one you have.  It is a matter of degree and clearly you are at the high end of this phenomenon. 


    When I purchased my current MBP, I made certain that I got the fastest CPU available only to be outclassed by a faster CPU a month later.  My irritation lasted about a day but I still had an excellent MBP and I no longer feel the least bit envious of any newer models that have been subsequently introduced.


    You still have a first rate MBP and enjoy it.