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Not really sure when it started doing this, but lately in iMessage, there are no chat histories showing up on the main windows on the left side.  I can start a new conversation, then on the right, it'll "catch up" and show me the entire history of chatting with that person (if I had before), but the moment I minimize it loses the history.


I can still recover it using the recent list, but shouldn't it be appearing in the main GUI window when I open it up?

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    Messages beta is the App

    iMessages are what are sent to iOS devices or someone else's Messages beta.


    If you clear messages (small m) before quitting then no messages will show up on restart.


    If you leave a chat open there will show up.


    The "History" that shows can be iMessage stuff or if you have saved Transcripts from iChat an "iChat Style" chat will pull those Saved Chats as "history".


    You may get items on the left if Messages beta has to sync some Off line iMessages that happened on your iPhone of iPad.




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