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Hello -


Upgraded both my iphoto and aperture apps and libraries.  This am I wanted to use the unifed library - so I made a few edits on photos in Ap 3.3 - then imported (dragged) them into iPhoto (which i use to display photos) and the changes DID NOT appear.


What am i doing wrong?




Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • Clem Level 3 (670 points)

    Hi mtnbike ~


    You don't drag the images back and forth between the apps. That's not how the new unified library, and adjustment sharing, works. You don't import items, you just mark your changes on an image in ampere (or iPhoto ) first,mthe quit that app, launch the other app, and choose that library.  Then you will see your images with the non-destructive edits in place.  Note, in iPhoto you may not be be able to mod them, only remove them, depending on the effect.


    Try that out and post back if you are still seeing problems.

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    Thanks Clem!   When i try to open the "other" library it says


    "Aperture cannot switch to the selected library because the file system of the library’s volume is not supported."





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    oh..also...When I try to do it from iphoto...i get this


    "To open this Aperture library in iPhoto, it first needs to be upgraded with Aperture 3.3 or later. Quit iPhoto and then open your library in Aperture to upgrade it."


    I did upgrade it when i updated the sw yesterday!

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    ok...Clem - Think I solved it.  Thanks.


    I have another question though...So.....when i made my edits in AP3.3, I colour coded the edited pictures green in the AP3 option. 


    When I open in iphoto i see the event but HOW do i sort to see only those coded pics?



  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,895 points)

    Remember, that while the apps may now share the Library they don't have the same tools for working on it or viewing it. There are many things available when using Aperture that are just not available in iPhoto. For instance, iPhoto does not support or understand colour labels.






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    Ok.  I understand.  Thanks Terence.

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    Yep, the base libraries are compatible now but the tools and features remain different and distinct. Glad things are now making more sense for you. Happy editing!

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    Mountainbike, how did you solve the message "to open this iPhoto library in Aperture, it first needs to be upgraded" (to 9.3).  I did the iPhoto and Aperture upgrades as well and iPhoto is at v9.3.  Yet I can open my Aperture library on iPhoto, weird...