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I have a 64gb iPhone 4S on AT&T.  If I charge the phone to 100% and let it sit overnight for 8 hours, the battery only drains to 97%.  Good, right?  Well here's the rub: via casual use throughout the day at work (some texting, Words With Friends, opening NSFW links on the interwebs, and other assorted tomfoolery to help me escape my station in life of being just another brick in the wall), my battery drains faster than a professional athlete's bank account.  I recently did a full restore via iTunes and the problem persists.  Any ideas as to why my seemingly minimal use is so taxing on the battery?  It seems to have gotten progressively worse as the phone gets older. 


And if this, or a profoundly similar topic, has been posted before, no need to go all Zooey Davechappelle on me and direct my attention to forum rules or other snooty, passive-aggressive stuff.  A link would suffice.


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iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1