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  • glennfromwimberley Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear Friend,


    I understand your frustration.

    No apologies necessary.

    I support your right to express yourself and I'm glad to know your experiences.


    Let me tell you - the people at Apple DO listen.

    They sit in meetings daily and review the comments here in the forums.

    Apple is a unique company with a vision to change the world.

    And they are doing it.

    Please keep posting, please keep commenting.

    They ARE listening and your opinion DOES make a difference and it DOES count.


    You are welcome in my home and I want to here how this turns out for you.

    Please send my greetings to your family and my best wishes to your mother.

    You will be in my thoughts.


    Sincerely - Glenn

  • glennfromwimberley Level 1 (0 points)

    You go Cobblesbar.

    Speak up and have your voice heard.

    Wanting the best from the past, while incorporating the vision of the future is EXACTLY the voice that should be heard now.



    or at least Apple. 

  • Volkerlauterbach Level 1 (0 points)

    The surprising thing that Apple has not closed down this thread, apparently they decided to let us vent our anger, send one of their attack-dog/groupies here from time to time and just ignore whatever is said here.


    My consequence to all this has been very simple - after the update messup and the Maps fiasco - Apple has lost its Halo for me. So I have sold my Apple stock, and will not buy a next Apple pad.


    Before this I was willing to buy a premium priced piece of hardware, even willing to pay hundreds of Euros for additional GBs of storage - well, no more.


    Will Apple survive me going off-board ? Sure it will, but it just shows that Apple has changed its course. Under Steve Jobs the customer and customer experience were the most important thing, Maps would have never been shipped while he was on board, and I doubt the iOS6 would have been updated they way it now has been - at least not without a good explanation.


    This marks a turning point in Apple´s recent history, watch the stock price from here on out.........

  • glennfromwimberley Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear Volker,


    I get where you're coming from and I appreciate your opinion.


    I did want to assure you, that nobody sent me here.

    I am not an attack-dog or a groupie.

    I came looking for information about why iOS 6 was not available for my iPad 1.

    Simpe as that.

    When I saw the anger and frustration, I simply wanted to add my opinion.


    I am offended by your accusation that, because my opinion differs from yours, I am someone's minion.

    I also don't understand why you choose dehumanizing words to describe people that are expressing honest oipinions.

    Isn't it possible that we just have differing points of view?


    A bit of the Halo has been lost for me too.

    The difference is, I'm willing to look at the long term and not jump to such rash and negative conclusions.


    Please accept my invitation to visit me in Austin, Texas and let me show you the truth.

    Let me introduce you to some of the other posters and some of my friends that work at Apple.

    Then you can make a truly informed decision about the veracity of your statements.


    Apple has changed the world, but some people think they should never make a mistake.

    Can you tell me a company that has done more in the past 30 years to bring technology and innovation to the world?


    Come see me and let's go figure this out together.

    I suspect, if enough people speak up for what they want - we might actually get Apple to listen.

    They've done it before.

    It's just, one seems to be able to affect greater change with a softer tone.

    Verstehen Sie?

  • Volkerlauterbach Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah well, I don't appreciate being called uneducated either.....

  • glennfromwimberley Level 1 (0 points)

    I never called you anything.

    I asked a question.

    Of course, I'm not surprised that you don't have the courtesy or manners to respond to my true inquiry.

    Geez, I even invited you to my home , and THIS is your response.

    Let's see, when I was a child I probably would have said something like - I know you are but what am I.


    But then again, my mommy and daddy taught me to behave a little better.

    Maybe when you grow up, you'll understand a little better - eh kinderhund.


    You're pedantic ranting is perfect for Microsoft.

    Or better yet, Samsung.

    Go ahead, you are a perfect demographic for them.


    Truly, if Apple were the monsters that you claim them to be, you're right - they wouldn't even let you post.


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, sell your stock and take your little ball and go home.

    Leave the technology for the adults sonny.

  • glennfromwimberley Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey - at least I got you to laugh.




    Invitation still stands - anytime you get to Austin.



  • Volkerlauterbach Level 1 (0 points)

    You need to change your Apple-ID password though so your angry cousin cannot keep posting on your behalf.......

  • glennfromwimberley Level 1 (0 points)



    Now you made me laugh.



    See, us attack-dog groupies aren't so bad after all.

    Apparently our bark is worse than our overbite.

  • TudurLlywelyn Level 1 (0 points)

    There is a lot of opinion here, but is there a genuine reason for this somewhere in 13 pages of text?  Like many of the posts I am concerned that  paranoia about Apple may be somewhat true if software support can be discontinued so soon after launch.  I'm not a great techno-boy as I tend to buy one computer/tablet and expect it to last a decade - I've only ever bought two computers and did not change (after ten years) because the software was discontinued.   I will happily take a good reason for the discontinuation of the iOS but without that I am likely to move to a Samsung or Amazon product next time around - which seems nearer at hand than I would have hoped.  My children's iPod touchs have the new software but my later, more costly iPad does not - that does seem illogical and deliberate, I woudl like assurance otherwise.

  • Thatchcote Level 3 (610 points)

    Somewhere in these 13 pages I've said before that the problem appears to be that people think of an iPad as a computer.  It is NOT!  And the iPad 1 was revolutionary - nothing quite like it before.  It was a "first".  The iPads 2 and 3 are huge jumps from the first.  I doubt that their OS's will be un-upgradable as quickly but only time will tell.  Of course a computer not being able to use the latest OS in 2 years would be completely unexceptable, but THIS IS NOT A COMPUTER!  If someone needs portability and long life-span, they would be far better served by buying a laptop. 


    I have no doubt that OS 6 on an iPad 1 simply would not function well at all.  If you need your apps on your iPad 1, leave them be - they will still work.  I love my iPad - bought the first version within weeks of it being introduced.  Bought the iPad 3 when it came out and sold the iPad 1 to my grandson (age 10).  No complaints from him. 


    Lordy, but we've become a world of whiners these days!  If a 69 yr old widow with only 2 1/2 yrs of college can "get" that technology changes VERY quickly, then what on earth is the matter with the rest of you?  Okay - mother-mode here:  life is not fair, and tecnhology changes before the credit card bill is paid.  Facts of life - no big conspiracy or Apple having been taken over by Satan.  It just "is"...

  • TudurLlywelyn Level 1 (0 points)

    If that was meant to enlighten I'm afraid it didn't, thank you for trying but I was rather hoping for a factual answer rather than homespun wisdom.  I am glad you are enjoying a good pension.

  • tpulak Level 1 (45 points)

    This is absolutely not a computer. It is not even close. It is a tablet running a mobile OS. Thus, you need to take the device into a mobile context. These days, especially from many manufacturers of Android devices like Samsung, you don't see even one year of support. Apple has been known for supporting products for around 2 years, which is higher than all it's competitors. Thus, the fact that the iPad 1 has been supported for 2 years is actually a market-leading number. If you want to switch to Samsung or someone else, be prepared to see even weaker support times. This is as good as it gets. If that doesn't work for you, than you shouldn't buy a tablet with a mobile OS, rather go with a full-blown desktop OS based tablet, like the ones Microsoft offers (the Surface tablets). If  you want an Apple computer, just get a Mac. The iPad isn't designed to replace a laptop. Steve Jobs himself said that the iPad only excels what a laptop can do in certain categories, like browsing the web, viewing media content, sharing photos, etc.  But a laptop/computer is still the central hub of what we do, and an iPad doesn't come close to advertising/doing that.

  • tpulak Level 1 (45 points)

    If you want  an even more factual answer, I wrote about this earlier, concerning the iPad's hardware. Mobile device hardware changes rapidly, so does demands with the OS.  This is what I wrote about 2 days ago, giving an overview on why the iPad's hardware is underpowered compared to the iPhone 3GS/4 and the iPod Touch:


    " Ok, so here's the deal.


    The iPad has an A4 chip, coupled with the same graphics card that is shared with both the 3GS and iPhone 4. The A4 chip is basically a Cortex-A8, repackaged differently. So it isn't much of a performance improvement. Also, the iPad has an even higher resolution than the iPhone 4, so that graphics card is under much higher stress than what is going inside the 3GS. The 3GS has the best of both worlds, powering a low-graphics screen, with a highly-capable graphics card. Because the 3GS and the iPhone 4 share the same graphics card, the 3GS is actually faster than the 4 in graphic intensive games.


    But the main killer is RAM, if the chipset argument isn't good enough. The iPad has a mere 256 mb of ram while the iPhone 4 has 512. The 3GS also has 256, but it's display has 4 times less pixels, so applications use less ram. The 3GS thus has adequate RAM to sustain itself (although it is still seemingly tight at times), but the iPad simply doesn't have enough RAM. Infact, at launch, some reviewers noticed the iPad's inability to be able to keep Safari webpages saved in memory, simply because it didn't have enough RAM.


    So while it might seem that the iPad's internals are powerful, for a tablet, the chipset and RAM is weak, and is suitable only for a low-end smartphone like the 3GS. The argument that the iPad can't sustain iOS 6 due to hardware seems legit to me, especially as a developer. While I may not be the best developer in the world, I try to do a good job in optimizing my apps, and even then, on my tester iPad running iOS 5, it always seems to be the first device (alongside the iPod touch 4th gen, another device with a high resolution, and only 256 mb of ram) that gets a low memory warning."

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