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  • Thatchcote Level 3 Level 3

    Sorry I wasn't "high tech" enough for you, but such a whine does not cause one to think of you as a "techie".  As for your condesending comments concerning my pension, my pension has absolutely nothing to do with the relevance of my comments, nor is it any of your business. 


    "Homespun" or not - bottom line is this is NOT a computer and your expectations are for a computer.  I don't need to know how to build a notebook/laptop or anything else to know this.  Your lack of acceptance fo this fact is the problem. 


    I don't think you'd accept an explanation if Steve Jobs send down stone tablets with it on them.  You just want to whine.

  • cheers123 Level 1 Level 1

    > Also, the iPad has an even higher resolution than the iPhone 4, so that graphics card is under much higher stress than what is going inside the 3GS.


    Could you please hint where this "stress" in iOS 6 can be coming from, comparing to iOS 5? Does it have Aero, or Expose, or any new eye-candy comparing to iOS 5? Maybe iOS 6 features OpenGL ES 3.0?


    > But the main killer is RAM, if the chipset argument isn't good enough. The iPad has a mere 256 mb of ram while the iPhone 4 has 512.


    The RAM argument doesn't suffice, because iPad has only 28% more pixels than 3GS, but 3GS still handles it. Even if using triple-buffering it's just additional 660k RAM. Of course, game graphics may take up to 1/3 more space, but they were doing fine before iOS 6.

    And again, what are those revolutionary features of iOS 6 that would require additional RAM?



    The only reason I can see why iOS 6 was somehow optimized (squeezed) for 3GS, but missed iPad is that new 3GS until recently were sold by Apple. For iPad 1, Apple decided it doesn't worth the trouble, and they thought they have an "outdated hardware" excuse. People don't like when someone who you trusted decides you don't worth the trouble any more.


    When some of us were concerned that this is a closed proprietary system, other people said "Why should we care? C'mon, it's good guys at Apple in control! They will take care of us! They will protect us from malware and viruses! They will make sure we get only quality software!". And now they decided we won't be getting fresh apps so not to deteriorate our user experience. How sweet.


    Many of the posters here compare Apple to Samsung (of course, in the favor of the former), but if you're doing so, please also consider the product price difference. And, by the way, Galaxy S2 now is 19 months old, but still gets updates, and will get latest Android 4.1 soon. After that, you are still free to install any firmware you like, e.g. Cyanogenmod or even Firefox OS. Popular phones like SGS2 are usually supported by community for few more years after the official support is discontinued, so SGS2 lifespan will likely to be around 4 years (counting xda-developers and cyanogen).


    The argument "iPad is not a computer" is completely wrong. Air conditioners, cars, vacuum cleaners are not computers, but you still can refill cooling agent, get replacement parts or dust containers for them, you can buy printer cartridges many years after the printers are not produced, if it's a popular model. E.g. charging $10 for new iOS version woud be fine (like they do on Macs). But ceasing device support so app updates will eventually make them unusable on iPad, it's like to stop selling tires for a certain car model after 2 years.


    Personally I think it's a shame for Apple to betray early adopters of it's "revolutionary" product. I can't see it other way than that I'm forced to buy a new product much sooner than I expected. But even if they succeed in making me buy a new tablet, it won't be a tablet from Apple, just because now I know for how long Apple mobile products are supported, and I can't agree with this. The only way I can disapprove such policy, is voting with my money. Next time I'll try to buy from companies that are able to provide a longer support.

  • arcadelt Level 1 Level 1

    It would be nice to hear from an Apple representative about the technical or marketing reasons they decided to not allow IOS 6 to install on the iPad 1...after all, this is an Apple support forum. So, how about it; is anyone from Apple customer relations or technical support willing to provide a response?

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    arcadelt wrote:


    So, how about it; is anyone from Apple customer relations or technical support willing to provide a response?

    Apple doesn't participate here.

  • Volkerlauterbach Level 1 Level 1

    Sure they don't.........just like people who seem to be in this forum full time have no association with Apple. I have had enough post pulled to be certain that Apple monitors the forums.

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    Thank you, that is helpful.  Is there an official explanation along these lines somewhere? It implies that tablets are a consumable which puts  very different angle on the price decisions, especially if the line (which I disagree with from my usage) that it is not a computer implies limited development of the format.  I think I will probably move back to desktop and the new kindles.

  • Gork3m Level 1 Level 1

    since when apple is all about graphics cards and rams and all?!?apple never used to be greedy but now they are!!nothing to argue there for the ones defending just accept the fact they gone greedy please

  • Dr. Aaltonen Level 1 Level 1

    Please. It's totally futile to list any technical reason for iPad 1 not being able to run iOS6. If there were any, Apple surely would have told us. If we have been told a reasonable explanation, we all were happy – or at least not complaining here.


    There is no technical reason. It is purely a business decision. Economics of it is quite clear: Apple gets nothing from people upgading their "old" devices into new OS for free. If they can "force" even 5 percent of iPad 1 users to buy a new iPad, it's a good case for them. Problem arises only, if iPad 1 owners will swich for Samsung or other, or if new iPad customers hesitate to buy it, because they know it will be supported (at OS level) only for 2 years. It's cursomers' choice.


    Even if thousands of people were complaining here that Apple had made a wrong or unreasonable decision, it would not change anything. Talking does not make any difference, only acting does.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    Volkerlauterbach wrote:


    Sure they don't.........just like people who seem to be in this forum full time have no association with Apple. I have had enough post pulled to be certain that Apple monitors the forums.

    Yes, the Hosts monitor the forum for compliance with the Terms of Use, with which you apparently are not familiar. However, neither they nor anyone else at Apple participates in the discussions (beyond the occaisional host comment in the Using the Communities forum and those are restricted to issues with the forum itself).

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    Dr. Aaltonen wrote:


    Please. It's totally futile to list any technical reason for iPad 1 not being able to run iOS6. If there were any, Apple surely would have told us.

    What is your basis for believing that "Apple surely would have told us" if there was a technical reason? Apple is a legendarily secretive company.

  • Shaun Bromley Level 1 Level 1

    So, has anybodies iPad stopped working?


    Thought not.

  • glennfromwimberley Level 1 Level 1



    Thank you. I own an iPad 1.

    I love it.

    I use it everyday.

    And I was just thinking exactly the same thing.


    What is it that you are actually upset about people?

    Your fear of something that might happen?

    What features are you missing?

    If you don't like it, aren't you free to switch?


    Hey, wait a you guys work for Samsung?



    No offense, but if you all hate Apple so much, please tell me whom you prefer.

    Who does a better job at customer service? Resell value? World changing, paradigm shifting product design?

    Supporting obsolete products?


    Really, who?

    Android? Microsoft? Samsung?



    Ciao chicos

  • arcadelt Level 1 Level 1

    Shaun, I usually like to let people have their day, but that was a very uninformed post. No one so far has said that their device is not working, and you have clearly missed the entire point of the discussion.

  • arcadelt Level 1 Level 1

    That was meant to be 'have their say'...fat fingers I'm afraid.

  • glennfromwimberley Level 1 Level 1

    Hey arcadelt,


    Not to speak for Shuan, but perhaps he's as baffled as I am at the vehemence and distrust and downright nastiness we've been seeing on some of the posts.


    I don't think anyone is suggesting there are not legitimate issues to discuss.

    And I can name several instances where Apple has reversed course due to legitimate concerns from Consumers.

    I think some of us are simply questioning the validity of this particular issue.


    Any even if ths issue is legitimate, don't the developers share some of the responsibility for keeping the Apps compatible with both older and newer revisions?


    Finally, instead of complaining, I'd like to hear more solution oriented talk.

    How long do you think it is viable for a company to continue to make their mobile OS platforms compatible with obsolete technology?


    Were 5 revisions not sufficient?


    Solutions my friends, offer solutions and recommendations.

    Trust me, people are listening.

    Sometimes it's just hard to hear your message through the wall of hate and bitterness.

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