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    There is no noticeable stress in the iPad running iOS 6 in terms of graphics demanded by the OS. I quoted the iPad's graphical weakness in due part that now large amounts of developers (mainly starting with game developers, and complex work application developers) are now reluctant to support the iPad due to it's sluggish nature to run these apps.


    As I said, the main killer was RAM. Since iOS 4, iOS has demanded much more RAM for use in it's operating system. The iPad originally shipped with OS 3, which was not a very RAM demanding OS, due to it's lack of multitasking. iOS 4 nearly doubled the RAM usage of all iOS devices across the board. Even since iOS 4, there have been reports from owners from the iPad not being able to multitask as well as the 3GS or the 4 due in part of it's lack of free RAM.


    I hope you are joking about the 28% argument. The iPad has more than quadruple the pixels of the 3GS. It has a higher resolution than the iPhone 4, which itself has quadruple the pixels of the 3GS (again, all three devices use the same basic graphics processor, just clocked at different speeds). Just for the record, iPad has a 1024x768, while the 3GS has a mere 480x320. Multiply the numbers and divide, and you'll see that it's quite much more.


    The iPad is actually a lower end product that the iPhone. An unlocked iPhone costs more than the iPad does of similar configuration. So to expect even equal support as an iPhone shouldn't be expected, but Apple does anyways. Didn't the iPhone 3G get OS 3 and 4, and stop there? You iPad user's have got OS3, iOS 4, and 5. You show that the Galaxy S3 is 19 months old...well the iPad 1 is just over 2 years old, and is not Apple's flagship product, unlike the Galaxy S3. If you want to see support for more OS upgrades and tweaks, then just jailbreak your product (your warranty is over anyways). All those mods you talk of the Galaxy devices are all done through rooting/modding your phone(I myself own a Galaxy S3, with a custom OS).


    Compare this iPad to other tablets of THAT time, and you will see why suddenly Apple looks much more accomodating that others.

  • A_Very_Annoyed_Customer Level 1 Level 1

    Mr Hassinger, some advice just for you


    You may try to bore everyone with your fancy words and 'Clock Speeds' which, FYI is to do with the speed of a car, but the cold hard truth is... Apple have been capable of providing support up to IOS 5.1.1 so, why stop now!? Greed.

    Greed my friend, is the main factor in this lack of support. Every single staff member is now rolling in money, so what more could they want... Money. I don't care about clock speeds (Automobile 0-100km measurement) what I care about is another 1000 dollars just being put into a two year investment that eventually will lose support. I, like most of you, can't just afford to go to the nearest apple stockist and hand over the credit card. It's the complete opposite with apples current CEO, yes he still cares about the 1000 dollars, but he WANTS it in his multi BILLION dollar kitty. So, to quote my old argument, 'We are apple's most LOYAL and TRUSTING customers, yet they still chose to throw us out the window'



    So, James, if I may call you that... How smart are you now?

  • second Level 1 Level 1

    ipad1 is too old,no reason to continue supporting ipad 1

  • blee4 Level 1 Level 1

    He hit the nail on the head, most users don't even WANT or EXPECT the newsest features from iOS 6 to work on the origional iPad... We just want a maintance release of iOS for the origional iPad...


    For example it would be nice if htye could fix Safari so it doesn't crash so often, I wish I could write something in the crash reports that I know my iPad sends to Apple and ask them to FIX safari. You can keep your Apple Maps app, I barely use Google Maps on the my iPad as it is.


    Hardware in the iPad one is STILL perfetly find for what people use it for but the BASE apps that people use like Mail, Safari, Calendar, Music are falling behind and we dont' have alot of options to replace them.

  • Kieron6241 Level 1 Level 1

    And the iPhone 3GS isn't then?

  • dangermen Level 1 Level 1

    So the biggest issue with Apple dropping iPad1 despite the fact it's the same as an IPhone 4 is Security Vulnerabilities.  When IOS 6 came out, there were w whole list of CVE's issued for old releases that are ONLY fixed in IOS 6.  Please blissfully continue to use your product with it's security holes.  I think it is crappy that Apple doesn't address those.  The iPad has an A4, which is much faster than the 3gs.  If anything else, they should be providing security fixes.

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    Resolution create and collect many signatures, maybe it helps?

    In a pinch, all users should write e-mails.

    We are many people and Apple lives of our money!

    What else can we do?



    Translated with google

  • matthiasfrombraunschweig Level 1 Level 1

    second wrote:


    ipad1 is too old,no reason to continue supporting ipad 1

    I bought my iPad in March 2011 new!

    Too old? 19 months and electric scrap?

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  • RAMChYLD Level 1 Level 1

    So the iPad 4 is coming out in a day or two.


    No trade in options to reduce our burden, Apple? It's only fair that you offer this to us since according to what I hear on Facebook, you're giving those who bought a third gen iPad over the last month a one-to-one exchange.

  • pvbrug Level 1 Level 1

    What to do with my original iPad? Throw away? I thought Steve Jobs was an environment freak!

  • arcadelt Level 1 Level 1

    pvbrug, your iPad 1 is not a brick, and your comment adds nothing to the discussion. In fact, it is that kind of comment that reduces the seriousness of the discussion, and waters down the arguments that are being made. As for your iPad 1, you could mount it in your kitchen to provide a recipe portal, place it on your bedside table as an alarm clock, or if you cannot bear to have something in your home that can no longer be updated, give it to a charity...all before you consign it to landfill.


    For the general discussion, with the release yesterday of the iPad 4 and Mini, people with an iPad 2 should start to consider when their device will be made obsolete. Based on the time between the international release of the iPad 1 and IOS 6 (845 days), the iPad 2 will reach this point around 17 Jul 2013. Perhaps iPad 2 owners might like to preemptively join this discussion and we (iPad 1 & 2 owners) could together start a campaign to convince Apple to not build artificial obsolescence into these products.

  • RAMChYLD Level 1 Level 1

    Alright, this has gotten ridiculous.


    I woke up this morning to 5 updates to my iPad. One app cannot be updated because it requires iOS 6 and above.


    The app in question? Cut the Rope.


    I don't understand why a puzzle game meant for kids require the new OS just for a few new levels. Heck, it was working fine just a few days ago.


    This isn't cool, Apple. Especially since I paid money for this app. Make it work on iOS5 again! Especially since I'm still unable to secure a loan for the 4th gen iPad, said iPad doesn't have a set release date yet over here, and is expected to cost somewhere around $1800 in Malaysian money for the basic 16GB Wi-Fi only model when released in Malaysia.


    Great, Angry Birds is probably next given that it's by the same publisher.

  • A_Very_Annoyed_Customer Level 1 Level 1

    I concur ramchyld, I bought both experiments and hd cut he rope, but what do you know! iOS 6 required


    Poo Poo to apple what!


    I still want apple products, but I am just annoyed at this change of outlook for apple.


    And the iPad mini, stupid or what!


    Please reply to me




    Very Annoyed

  • Shaun Bromley Level 1 Level 1

    Am I missing something. Surely Apps already installed will still work fine. The only annoyance is the update number still appearing under App Store.

    I've Jailbroken my iPad and unstalled Update Hider to ignore any App that isn't compatable with IOS 5.1.1

  • pvbrug Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Mr. or Mrs. Arcadelt


    What part of my statement do you think does not add something to your precious discussion? Ah got it, Steve Jobs was not an environment freak





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