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  • Joe Pegram Level 1 Level 1

    meh, you can jailbreak the iPad1 now and not worry about performance issues and even violating any Terms because its not a supported item anymore.  TO say otherwise would be flat out buggery and easily defended.


    So take the iPad1 on a nice trek, and use it for the next 2-3 yrs. By that time a decent replacement will be out that you will want and will pony up the quid to get one yeah?  Ipad 3 does nothing for me.  The MBP has an installed camera.  What silly git wants to facetime in a mall somewhere anyway?

  • Vuurwerkje Level 1 Level 1

    I have just ordered a Galaxy to test.

    My Ipad is 2 years and 3 months old. If that is the time after which apple stops supporting devices that they sell at premium prices I guess its time to change platforms.

    I guess my Iphone 4S will be succeeded by a Galaxy S3 and not an Iphone 5 or 6. And maybe also a good time to have a look at W8...

    Shame, but this really p-d me off.

  • kuzb Level 1 Level 1

    iPad 1 32gb 3g owner here.  Personally Apple has lost me as a customer perminantly over stupid **** like this.  Thankfully you can get a nexus 7 or a nexus 10 at a fraction of the cost of their over 300% marked up device that is a more than capable replacement for Apple's trumped up ********.


    Seriously, they won't change until we stop buying.

  • Phillipwj Level 1 Level 1

    I can also speak on this issue from first hand experience. I just got my iphone 3g out to use as a backup and travel phone.

    I had done a clean ios install a few months ago and had lost all my OLD backups since my mac crashed. Duly did a sync to add all the apps and hey presto, of 429 apps i paid for, about 20 were able to sync to my 3G. Absolutely gobsmacked! This really *****! iTunes gives you no option (beyond an OLD OLD back up, which inevitable either get lost/deleted/corrupted at some stage) to actually keep a seperate folder of the last compatible apps for any given phone. Talk about built-in obsolescence!  That seems to be the name of the game with the modern Apple!


    I also have the ipad 1 and was shocked to hear it wouldnt run ios6. Bollocks to being an early adopter with Apple ever again. That was the last time Im being caught like that! You need to wait for 2nd/3rd gen now to get any value!

  • cmoney408 Level 1 Level 1

    Does anyone else read these post and think everyone is RIDICULOUS???


    crying like a baby because an old device is not supported anymore, crying to never buy apple again because they stop supported discontinued devices????


    just because you over pay for a device does not mean it will be supported forever. it just means you paid a premium, not more, nothing less. DUH. If you really feel like you got ripped off be smarter next time, dont buy it the day it comes out, wait 2 months, get it on sale, or better yet buy it used. then you wont feel so cheated.


    i stopped buying apple products because they havent released an update for my Apple Lisa, i mean really they should be smart enough to be able to put at least OSX on it, really apple, you guys are failing. hahahaha


    sell your old one, which you should be grateful you can get so much for such an old device. even ipad 1's hold a pretty good value compared to android tablets of the same age. (AND IM A DROID PHONER USER).


    then put that cash towards the purchase of an iPad 3, you will maybe pay a difference of $250 and have a faster iPad with more features and the latest software.


    or like other people said, JAILBREAK it, its out of warranty anyways.



  • Phillipwj Level 1 Level 1

    Well I cant speak for motox 33, but for me its not so much they no longer support it. I perfectly well understand they cant just keep on supporting old tech forever. That said, i do kind of expect that the software we have in place to keep those products running (ie iTunes etc), allow some way to effectively manage these older products alongside newer ones. Is that really too much to ask?


    It seems to me that the current situation basically leads to almost hardwired, built-in obsolescence. As you merrily sync your old iphone 3G, progresively its being stripped of all the apps you have forked out for over the years without any proper tool or option to ensure you are at least keeping hold of the last version of that app for a particular iOS version. Try running a 3G (maybe as a backup or just second phone?) and 4S together on the same iTunes and you will quickly see what I mean.

  • kuzb Level 1 Level 1

    You're a ******* idiot, and the people like you are part of the reason Apple ***** so horribly.  Have fun with your shrinking market share - I'm going to buy a device with some staying power while you enjoy spending $800 every year to keep up with the jones.

  • Steve69 Level 1 Level 1

    Apparently, YOU are the one not reading these messages.  These devices aren't all that old.  I, for one, didn't rush out to buy it.  I did wait months for the competition to bring something out, and they didn't.  Apple had an effective monopoly.


    I would be perfectly happy at this point for them not to support it, IF I could get back to a version that worked - and Apple actively prevents you from doing that.


    I had been very happy with my Apple purchases up until these issues.  So how could they have influenced my purchase decision when they didn't exist at the time?


    And yes, if I pay a premium, I do expect premium service. I don't know what planet you come from.

  • Dabom21 Level 1 Level 1

    Cmoney listen here, I don't have an extra 250 bucks, I work full time to pay for my schooling not to mention feeding the kids, and pay bills. Furthermore I didn't buy this iPad when if first came out. I wated months, I have hundreds invested in school books on here, and with the new update being out how am I supposed to get my new textbooks huh tell me that? Do you want to lend me the money to pay for a new iPad? Just because u have all this money to get a new one doesn't mean we all do. Also they don't sell but maybe for 20 bucks if u trade it in, I asked for 100 bucks on Craig's list and I got introuble for price gouging, eBay is selling them for 22 bucks, yeah that really helps, and I'm not going to jailbreak it cuz my AppleCare don't expire for another few more weeks. So unless you want to fork out the money for all of us to get a new one I suggest you shut ur mouth and keep ur pissy comments about buying a new one to your self. The kids are not mine, I'm a single parent working to support my kids

  • cmoney408 Level 1 Level 1

    you guys are crazy, i will be honest i was trolling a bit when i posted that. but i still feel what i said is true.


    All, just you know i bought my ipad 32gb about a year ago on cowboom for $200, used but i dont care. i would NEVER buy any apple product at full retail. i honestly cant afford to. just keep a look out on deal sites and craigslist. you'll be suprised at what will pop up.


    kuzb, please let me know what you end up buying. i dont really see any similar product that will cost less and last longer. windows rt - doubt it, webos - nope, android most likely. but then again everyone complains how android stops upgrading phones after 1 major upgrade, which is true. apple lovers should be happy they get 2+ major upgrades on a device before support ends.


    steve69, earth. honestly i havent read the entire 19 pages. i guess i havent had any issues with my ipad 1. not all gadgets are created equal. current gaming systems, about a 6 year life. phones, 1-2 year, tablets 2-3. obvisouly all these devices can last longer, but with advancements in tech people just want to move on. you have to decide if you want the latest features/tech but you cant cry about the cost. or you can settle for having a ps2 because the graphics are"good enough" and you dont care that they stopped making games for it. not everyone can afford to have the latest and greatest, NOT APPLES FAULT.


    also, i broke my ipad out of jail, i dont know if thats why. maybe you should look into that, it might help. i only have about 20 apps, they all run fine. the new gta vice city is pretty good.


    dabom, if you are living check to check (or have other responsibilites) my first recomendation to you is to NOT BUY APPLE PRODUCTS. thats your first mistake. next time get a 7 inch android (nexus 7). save money man. i am not rich, but i could possibly afford to lease a BMW, i would have a new awesome car every 3 years. but why, to stay broke and be miserable about my bank account? not gonna happen. if you cant afford the apple lifestyle, stay out. i dont mean to be rude, im just saying, i can afford the honda lifestyle, and sleep at night, so thats where i stay.


    i am a recent grad (sdsu - 2009). i know its tuff.


    i have no idea what listings you are talking about. but i swear to you, if you are seeing ipads SELL, not just listed, but SELLING for $22, buy them right now. i can sell them in the bay area for at least $150. assuming they work. no lie. message me, you buy, i sell, we split the costs and profits.


    just to be safe "watch" the item on ebay. you will be suprised how much the item jumps in price in the last few hours. i am an avid ebayer, with awesome bid snipping skills!


    and honestly man up. you have to look yourself in the mirror and say "you know what im gonna risk it all" jailbrake your ipad and you will be able to sleep at night. so you give up a few weeks of "apple care", so what? stop crying about a "few weeks".

  • LtMorgan Level 1 Level 1

    While I understand that the IOS 6.0 does not support the iPad 1st generation, the lack of support does bring up other concerns.  Although Apple hasn't stated that the iPad 1 is no longer supported, not offering an update sends out pretty strong signals to the contrary.

    I got my iPad 1st generation two years ago this past November, top end, 64 bit, full retail cost.  The iPad 2 was not released yet.  Bear in mind that in 4 month the first iPad 2 releases will be as old as my iPad is today.  Now, imagine that the iPad 2 owners are told that their devices will not be supported with updates in just a few month.  What will their reaction be?  These are the people telling iPad 1 owners to update their devices. How about telling iPad 2 owners in 4 month they need to update their devices?  I doubt it will be received well.

    While I like the Apple products, having an iPad, iPhone, and multiple iPods in my household, I do not feel they are "throw away" devices.  They are rather expensive.  Having to replace them every year or two would be rather costly.  I am not "compelled" to go spend thousands of dollars up to every two years on replacing these devices.  There are thousands and thousands of 1st generation iPads and iPad owners out there that feel the same.  Many have gotten discouraged by the higher cost of iDevices and the apparent replacement expectancy.  However, there are even more, like me, watching and observing what Apple and what the competitors do.  I will replace my iPad and devices when I deem them necessary and appropriate.  What they get replaced with is still to be determined.

  • arcadelt Level 1 Level 1

    LtMorgan, that is the very point I made in a post in this thread back on Oct 24, 2012. Based on what happend with iPad 1, my calculation was that iPad 2 would become unsupported around 17 Jul 2013.

  • Volkerlauterbach Level 1 Level 1

    .....and the share price keeps tumbling......just as I predicted. You cannot hack off your early adopter customers with an action like this and not expect business to suffer......................

  • LtMorgan Level 1 Level 1

    Apple has made a sturdy and reliable platform with the iDevices and have been in the forefront of the technology.  Because of this, iPads have started finding their way into school systems.  I ran into a lady the other day that was repairing an iPad 1.  Her school for special needs kids had purchased them in bulk some time ago as a teaching aid.  Additionally, I have a niece with twins in private school.  The school required that each student have an iPad.  Not only is she struggling and burdened with the cost of private school, she has to add the cost of two iPads on top of that. Schools, even private schools, have very limiting budgets and fundings.  Expenses and budgets have to be approved and authorized to have monies allocated for following fiscal year expenditures.  Schools cannot afford to be replacing costly educational tools every two years.


    Another case in point:  I work in the medical industry on multi-million dollar equipment spread world wide used for saving patients lives.  These systems are computer based.  If we were to tell our customer's that they had to replace there two year old computers because they were old and outdated, our fifty year old company would be out of business in a Few short years.  Moreover, if programs simply stopped working because of a lack of updates, patients well being and lives would be at risk.


    I realize that tablets aren't used to this capacity, at least, not yet.  I have, however, already seen doctors' practices incorporating the use of tablets.  Table are suppose to be the wave of the future, and I have yet to see evidence contrary to that.  A four to eight hundred tablet is an investment for most.  Multiple tablets is an investment for anyone.  Having to replace them every two years is a costly and, eventually, an unrealistic reoccurring expense.  The iPad 1 users are already feeling these effects.  The iPad 2 is only months behind in age.  There is evidence that Apple is starting to feel the outcome financially as well.  Tablet manufacturers are going to have to take a long hard look at their business models and practices.  You can only alienate so many customers.  It's not about making a quick buck, not if you plan on staying in business for the long haul.  To stay in business, you want happy, satisfied customers.  You want a repeat customer.  This practice of having to replace tablets up to every two years will only last so long.

  • luckygalnj Level 1 Level 1

    I found this thread searching for answers to why my ipad1 is barely working these days.  I use it primarily for communication - email and social networking.  I have always used Safari when accessing Facebook because the FB app is terrible.  In the past week FB is not working on Safari and the FB app still *****!  So it appears that perhaps Safari has been tweaked to run on ios6 and no longer works well with ios 5 ?  Anyone else having a similar experience?  The screen just goes black and functionality or features is extremely erratic.  Very dissapointing!

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