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    I'm glad I'm not the only one either. My ipad 1 is now incredibly slow and that coupled with the new itunes has been a disaster for it.  The new itunes keeps giving me error messages saying that my ipad is not connected even though it is.  Also, yesterday it made me restore my ipad because it wouldn't allow me to sink.  I guess I'm going to have to get a new ipad.  I keep my computer at work and use my ipad on the go but not any more.

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    Wow, what a bunch of whiners. Apple has been doing the same thing for years, We all know that when apple brings a product out they normally dont give a full update unless its the last two version. Who told yall to go and buy a Ipad knowing that for one it didnt have a camera. Who buys anything in the 21st century that doesnt have a camera equipped on it. CARS HAVE CAMERAS, PHONES HAVE CAMERA, mostly anything mobile nowadays shud have a camera. Regardless, now stop bashing apple talking bout they dont care bout there customers. THEY DONT KNOW YOU!!!!  Sound like my young son, talking bout the video game is cheating for me, how that game doesnt know me!!!!

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    hahaha hey guys ios6 ipod touch 3g and ipad1 100% working

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    Lately, more and more Apps require ios6, even bug fixes to software I already own!!!


    No wonder AAPL stock is in the toilet :)

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    You know what the saddest fact that the ipad 1 is not compatible with the iso6 is?  Its about loyalty and realizing who your market is.  I own an ipad 1 and because I did several people bought them and the new ones because of me.  Yes thats right all the original owners started this and beleived in the Apple product from the start.  I alone purchased 5 ipad 1 for my family and friends.  What do we now get for helping to make this product a success......  Nothing.  Its a bit of a kick in the teeth to those who origianlly supported Apple and who ultimatly got many consumers to puchase thier product.  Its sad that a company like Apple would forget about those who were in at the ground level.  Something to be said about waiting for the product to mature before buying in.

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    Wow, some of you sound like a crochity old man.


    iOS 6 isn't compatible with the iPad 1 because the processor can't handle the load.  It's the same reason Siri isn't available for the iPhone 4 or earlier models.  Every new version of electronic gadgetry, whether it's from Apple or Microsoft of HP or Dell or whomever is going to be replaced by a newer generation of hardware that has a faster processor or more memory or more storage.  And every successive generation of software or applications will incorporate features that make use of that increased memory or processing or storage, and guess what? The old hardware simply won't be able to handle it.  And someday, yes, the iPad 1 will not only be End of Life, it will be End of Support, but in the meantime, it will continue to do 99% of what you need it to (actually, it will do 100% of what you NEED and 99% of what you WANT). 


    Are you upset that your DVD player can't play blue-ray discs?


    Are you mad that your Blackberry can't download Angry Birds?


    Are you bent out of shape that your 19" flat screen monitor doesn't support touch or HD?


    An abacus won't run iTunes either. 


    You're not missing anything by not being able to run iOS 6 on your iPad 1.  Apple isn't continually upgrading their product capabilities to cause you harm.  In fact, it's pretty impressive that they're able to generate substantial improvements in such a short period of time.  The iPad is ALMOST three years old and they're already on their third generation (fourth if you count the mini), and they have single-handed lay created two new industries (tablets and low-cost app development & distribution).  Enjoy the innovation. 


    Typed on my iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1.

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    My DVD Player is not merely 3years old.  I didn't plunk down over $500 for a DVD Player. For $500 plus, you would at least expect at least an IOS 6.O (lite) if the hardware is inadequate.  This way, the latest round of APP updates won't be nagging me that I don't have 6.0 and can't get the update or even reinstall unless I buy a new $500 gadget.

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    I just went to my ipad to send a couple of email itunes gift cards and i get a popup messafge saying that mydevice no longer supports gifting!!! I'm so angry right now, I could spit acid covered nails.


    I've  had my iPad for two years and now I can't update IOS? Really???? After being a SOLID Apple fan from the VERY start - I have a PAC man era machine somewhere in the basement  - and converting dozens of family members and friends to the Mac world, I guess now that my $700 two year old device is not cool enough to warrant an update.


    Perhaps I'll have to switch to one of the other competitors. Competitors who are becoming increasingly intriquing and cool, and at half the price, perhaps I won't mind relegating an outmoded device to the trash pile or to the a preschoolers grubby little hands!


    Shame on you Apple and shame on you Tim Cook. Way to bite the hands that feed you!


    You should probably change your logo now and make sure that the apple is placed in a hand with a bloody bite in the hand instead of the apple. Steve Jobs is probably rolling in his grave.

    My iPhone 5 will be the LAST apple product that I'll EVER own.


    And for those of you on here that don't mind spending thousands of dollars every two years just to update to the newest technology, congratulations, glad that you have the extra money in your budget. But a great deal more of us have actually had to scrimp and save for these luxuries and if apple isnot planning on supporting a $700 device for longer than 2 years, they should state that BEFORE they sell the device! Automobile  and appliance manufacturers at least sell the parts

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    I sure hope that some of you who are angry at people complaining are never put in the position that Apple has to make us angry.  As far as we know the issue with iso6 is not hardware based.  Thats correct!  We are not whinning that we dont have retina displays or a camera etc.  Simply the issue is support and the issue that new software is using it and we cannot (not due to hardware issues).  So the arguments that a dvd be a blue ray is silly.  Sorry but the issue is a company that refuses to support a product just a few years old.  **** my car comes with more warrenty.  Maybe thats whats needed.  A company like apple wouldd agree to support its product for a set number of years and then not then at least there is full disclosure from the start>

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    i understand that they should at least allow the ipad 1 to update programs. or the program company itself should make an edition specifially for ipad 1 if they know they still have a large base of ipad users.


    but again, this cant go on forever. you cant install certain windows 95 programs/drivers/apps in 98, and 98 to xp, and xp to win7.


    thats just how it is, and everyone gets that. this whole debate is really about product life cycle, and how long they should be. that is a double edge sword. so we can have items that last 5+ years, but then we will hold back innovation just to have something last longer. or we can do what we do and constantly innovate, but that means some tech will last years, others even less.


    i would say the ipad 1 has already lasted longer then any other mobile device. most other gadgets life spans are much shorter. though compared to laptops, most laptops should/can last 5+ years, especially with upgrades.


    if apple really wants to fix this, they need to make the ipad upgradable, or have a buyback program like other companies (for instance i use to work at Bose, they will buy out old systems if you upgrade).


    buying a product you know cannot be physcially upgraded you have to realize that it will not be supported after only a few years. phones cant be upgraded, so eventually the software becomes to advanced for the hardware.

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    Your comparisons make no sense...  Windows 98 (14 years old)!!!  Windows XP (11 years old)!!!


    iPad ones are merely 2 or 3 years old depending when you bought them!!


    At this point in time (2 - 3 yrs old), Microsoft would only be issueing Service Pack 2.


    I did not buy in to essentially "leasing" this gadget at $250 - $500 per year.

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    I understand exactly what you are saying.  I do beleive that the issue comes down to money and not ability.  To think its not possible to upgrade the ipad1 is absurd.  They simply want more money.  As I stated in the last email if they made it a set date before it became no longer upgradable then we the consumer would be buying with full knowledge.  If we bought a two year old ipad that had a five year upgrade warrenty then we would know there was only three years left.  Apple is becomming way to gready for me and not consumer or enviormentaly friendly.  I appreciate the Bose comment and I think Apple should engage in such a process.  Apple has made a huge mistake with this and I truely beleive it is reasons like this why thier market share and stock value is plummetting.  I will definatly think twice befor buying another disposable Apple product in the future.  Its really too bad since we the Ipad one owners were the ones who supported Apple from the start.  Love the product but feel disallusioned now withtheir seemingly greedy decission not to support their starter product.  Oh and of course I know things go out of date and such, but alteast Microsoft was good enough to warn people way in advance that support for its windows version would no longer be available.  Soory apple but you have truely failed the consumer this time.


    And all of you who do not feeel this way I pray that Apple treats you better when your device is no longer updateable or maybe you just have too much moiney and Apple loves you anyways!!

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    I have to agree to both side of this dicussion. As a company I understand they want to expand and offer new products to their customers. If a company does not grow with the demand then they will end up not being around anylonger. However if a product they created is not cheep then I feel they should do what they can to keep it working and up to date. If the product was of low quality then I support them only keeping it up to date for a short time. However, a product that sold for $400.00 should be supported until the programs running it are out dated. There are several apps and accessories still out there that can still work just find for the Ipad 1. I happen to own one Ipad 1 and two Ipad 2's so i can keep working with updates but I now feel cheated out of my money about the Ipad 1.

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    this post is an appology to all those who are following this thread.  Apparently I have hit a sour note with Apple and had my last post removed:


    "was revoved from Apple Support Communities because it alludes to ________ing and violates Apple's End User License Agreement."


    please refer to article



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