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    I think Ken Hess summed it up best in his article



    have a read

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    To the person who wrote " iPad ranked as the most dependable tablet," I'll remember that next time Safari crashes (which won't be long because it happens five to ten times a day). I guess the new definition of dependable is not being able to run an Apple app (Safari) in an Apple OS (ios5) on an Apple device (iPad1).


    Besides, who cares how dependable it is when the OS isn't being updated? It's like having a Ferrari in your driveway with an empty gas tank. 

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    Now since I'm the person who quoted that, from someone elses post, I guess you talking to me. I responding on safari, I've responded on googel chrome. Love them all. But your statement, stop crying. And just like that **** Ferrari in your front yard, empty tank and all. How many mechanics works on those cars, how expensive is it to keep that 300.000 dollar car running, what it get 3 miles to the gallon. Everything gets olds, stop stretching things out you just can, you probably got mad when a 25 cent pack of gum went to 35 cent huh.


    Ipad was a tester for you folks and yall knew that, stop crying cuz you thought it was going to be the mothership of your enterprise. It didnt have a camera for one. that was a dead giveaway to hold out for the next gen. Come on now people. if it doesnt support a built in camera, what makes you think its even up to par when you bought it. When everything is made with built in cameras. COME ON PPL!!!!! I dont have money to throw away, so yes I waited on the 2gen ipad, 3 gen iphone and then upgrade my phone every two years after contract is up. You have the same option.


    oh yeah, I know for a fact that all OS( windows, safari, google, bing, yahoo) all crashes from time to time. And i never own a PC that last more than two years tops. So your point isnt valid.  Complain about something more worthy, Like the remark of the 'HARLEM SHAKE' LOL

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    I have no need nor want for a camera on my iPad.  I want my money's worth for what I paid for.  Apple can easily resolve the issue by making IOS 7 available for the iPad 1.  If Apple is doing such a good job now with their business model of attempting to get all of their customers to upgrade every two years, then wy has their AAPL stock plummeted from over $700 to barely $450 today?

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    This horse is completely dead.


    iOS 7 will not be available for the iPad 1. The iPad 1 only has 256MB of RAM. If you have ever programmed you would know why this is a big problem in running iOS 6. If not you will have to take Apple's word for it.

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    You're lack of reasoning is given away in with your statement, "You probably got mad when a 25 cent pack of gum went to 35 cent." How is a price change that took place over a 10 year period analogous to the premature obsolescence of a product? We expect a phone to last about 2 years. Most people (Apple fanboys aside) expect a $500-$700 computer-like device to last 3-5 years.


    "And i never own a PC that last more than two years tops." It's tough to argue with someone with a distorted view of reality. I just retired a Dell laptop that was running for 10 years. Funny how Microsoft manages to squeeze that much life out of its supported platforms with ongoing OS updates. Microsoft Office still has backwards compatability to 1997. If Microsoft payed by the same rules as Apple, they would eliminate the backwards compatability to force users to upgrade.


    You consistently miss the point of the people who post here. It's about price vs the expected life of the product. As stated in this article... he-cold/


    "Consumers may expect to replace a phone every two years or so, but they don’t generally expect to replace a computer that often. With a computer, you often shell out a larger amount of money (at least up-front) than you would with a phone, and you expect the device to last proportionally longer."

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    And the iPad is NOT a computer nor is it represented as one. Welcome to the world of small electronics. I had one friend whose first entry into the new frontier was an Android phone. And how many updates did he get? 0.


    My brother-in-law who is a pilot was upset that PCs don't last for 30 years like the airplanes he flew.


    The iPad 1 was an introductory device and you were on the bleeding edge if you bought one. Same for all new products which is why there are people that will not by V 1.0 of anything including cars, TVs, etc. The iPad 1 only had 256MB of RAM. The iPad 2 doubled this to 512MB RAM. And that is a HUGE difference to a programmer. There just is not enough RAM in the iPAD 1 to run iOS 6 AND applications.


    I sold my iPad 1 to some friends. They still use it and are quite happy with it. They don't consider it obsolete as it does all the same things it did when I sold it to them.


    I bought a large HDTV for my house and had it calibrated. Less than 2 years later 3D TV's started appearing. My manufacture did not off any upgrades to make my TV 3D compatible. Is it obsolete? Should I go on their website and complaint that they won't update it?

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    DumpAPPL stock.  Apple is going the way Netflix went last year.  You can't alienate your user base and still maintain the same level of profitability.  All this BS about the iPad 1 being an "introductory device" may suffice for Apple Fanboys, but the millions who bought this device as a tool they expected to last five years will abandon Apple and encourage their friends to go elsewhere which will drive the stock even lower.  Apple has one last chance with IOS 7 to implement "damage control".  They've really screwed up in the past year, not only with the iPad 1, but also with the iPhone 5 maps fiasco.

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    Point taken. It's not a computer; but neither is it a smartphone. I think everyone can agree that it's somewhere in between. Again, it's about price of the product and its relative lifespan.

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    Ok, there is no medium here. I see I don't agree with you or vice versa.  We all know things get out dated. You have the choice to buy or not buy. The choice is. No matter how many complaints you give it will and has not change anything but the amount of post on this forum. All I can say is choose wisely.


    But I have to comment on that person that said they don't care bout a camera. That's a croc of dookie, but hey! Cuz if it did have a camera you prob complain its not a 720p or 12 mp. But once again. The choice is yours.


    Question? Since medium wage is possibly going up and my pay is based off medium wage in my area, can I get the difference.  Now that's a subject to wonder about!!

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    If you're not a psychic, an increased "medium" wage will not help you.

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    OMG, AAPL closed at $430.47!!!  Mr. Cook, keep that great customer support :(

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    Yes, the entire drop in Apple stock is due to the fact that your iPad 1 can't run iOS 6.

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    Yes, Reggie:


    Myself, and millions of other Purchasers of iPhone 5's, iPad 1's, etc. of whom Apple has no regard for their post-purchase experience.


    Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave.

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    It isn't "Reggie".


    I have an iPhone 5, I'm quite happy with it and apparently so are millions of other purchasers. Same with the iPad 1.


    No, this is following a pattern that Mr. Jobs followed.

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