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    If it was a tester, they shouldn't have sold it for $800.  I didn't buy it as a tester and had no information from Apple that this was a beta or test product...   Also, I didn't buy it for the camera anyway.   I have enough cameras. However, when I bought my HTC Thunderbolt,  I bought it over the iPhone of the time.  For 3 reasons.  One was the camera was better.  At the time, a phone with a camera was a convenience, due to its size and you could have it with you all the time.  Never thought a tablet with a camera was as convenient.  Just like listening to music on the iPad is a bit difficult compared to on an IPOD.    Anyway, The iPhone camera was reputed to SUCK.   Also, The fact that I could use MicroSD cards and expand memory.  The iPhone was permanently fixed. And, if my battery dies I can replace it.  On an iPhone you need a new phone.   They won't replace a bad battery or a broken screen.  They only swap them.  A good way to sell you the Apple Care, so it won't cost you a couple hundred more bucks. 


    Grant it,  software updates have been a struggle with the Thunderbolt.   I was having problems with the phones performance.   I just got Ice Cream Sandwich form Verizon, last month.  Took long enough!   But, they did support a 2 year old phone with new software upgrades and the phone works better now, than ever.  It is still doing what I need from a phone. 


    Phones are one thing anyway.  With new after 2, my phone is understood to not have a great shelf life.  I can usually get a new one for free when I sign a new contract.  And,  I can probably still sell the old one.  The iPad  doesn't get that kind of deal.  I'm still concerned with the waste with all these expensive devices being trashed in landfills when they still have plenty of usefulness left.  Before someone jumps in with that they can be recycled, be real.  How many people really go through that trouble.  Most old electronics and appliances, probably still end up in the trash.   Wait,  I'm a conservative.   I'm not supposed to care about waste and the environment and landfills...  Never-mind.    Anyway, at $800 you would expect more life.  Some, here, may be made of money and be able to afford spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on new Apple products every couple years. But, a lot of people can't. That is why PCs and Android phones sell so well. 


    Not crying over it.  Haven't shed a tear.  In fact, I'm trying to be rational.   So, shut the **** up and recognize the real issues here.  I am ****** that I got so little out of the iPad for what I paid and for what potential it still has in it.  ****** that it appears that the only reason that there is NO support for it is a pure economic decision and not a fully technical one.  Stop supporting products and you can herd many of your customers to buy more. Note that I say many of your customers and not all.  Those who become disenchanted WILL seek out competitors and other options.  Perhaps one reason why AAPL is declining in value.  Could it be that they are starting to loose iPhone and iPad market share to the likes of Samsung....    ****** and Crying are totally different things.


    I did buy an iPad 4 because I liked the display.  I also like the current camera although i could care less about it and don't find it that convenient.  No Flash.  Why doesn't iPad have a flash?   Or, is that a sign my iPad 4 is also a tester.   The camera in the iPad 4 isn't bad though.  I also stayed with iPad because i have a lot invested in apps and a lot of data etc on the iPad 1 that i chose to stay put for compatibility. But, I am finding that most of the apps that I once got for the iPad and were on iPad only, are now available on Android.  Not as much reason to choose one over the other anymore.  Also,  I do recognize that iPad is priced way out of the market compared with other offerings.  The number of my friends who have been turning to or choosing Android tells it.   You would expect that, for the premium price charged for Apple products, that there would be something that would make those products stand above the competition.  Obsolescence after 2 years, when the product still operates well and keeps a charge,...  Well,  that isn't it.   


    One pet peeve about my iPad 4?   Safari still crashes frequently.  Something i thought was a technical limit to the original iPad.   Obviously that wasn't an issue with iPad1. It is something that still exists with Safari.  One compliment for Apple?  Customer service and access to an Apple Store is convenient.   Their CSRs are friendly and helpful.   I won't criticize wait times on the phone because all big companies,  AT&T, Verizon...  Are all the same.     I've now said more Than i or anyone else probably wanted me to.  

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    deggie wrote:


    It isn't "Reggie".


    I have an iPhone 5, I'm quite happy with it and apparently so are millions of other purchasers. Same with the iPad 1.

    My original iPad still serves me well.  It continues to do everything that I bought it for some three years ago.

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    ...... and .... you bought AAPL stock at $700 and are proud of your investment prowess.

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    I'm very disappointed with Apple. Some of you tell that you have choice to buy or not. Yes, now we do -- we bought iPad 1 based on our previous experience with Apple, which was excellent. Now the experience is disappointing, and we won't buy Apple products again, and will advice not to to our friends. Usually when people ask me if they should buy iPad or iPhone, i say "do you need an expensive paperweight in just two years, like me?". And I advice some premium Android tablet or phone instead. I have Galaxy S2, which is 2 years old, and an update to 4.2 still coming in March.  After that, it will be supported for 1-2 years more by CyanogenMod community (probably, by the time they cease support it will be outdated by hardware).

    Safari on my iPad crashes every 10 minutes or so, which makes it unusable even for basic operations, and this problem came with some of iOS 5.x update. As a computer programmer, i'm not buying the argument that 256MB is not enough to run iOS 6, for a few reasons. First, on iOS 4 and 5 it was fine, and iOS 6 doesn't have that much new features, and if some of them are too memory-consuming, they can be disabled like in update for 3GS. Second, look at Windows XP, which is a full desktop OS, not a single-tasking (ok, 1.5-tasking) sub-OS like iOS is, and it runs on 256Mb very well! They could have even used a disk swap. If you think phones don't do that, look at N900 -- it also has 256MB, but has 768MB swap partition with stock firmware! With internal flash speed of ~20MB/sec it makes it on par with HDD speeds at the time PCs had the same amount of memory. The third, the fact that they released an update for 3GS just confirms that this was possible, but just not considered the customers of iPad 1 worthy enough to care. You can't care for one group of your customers less than you do for another, without pi**ing off the first group.

    I completely disagree with an argument that as iPad is not PC, we should not expect PC-like life span. It costed more than a PC at the time, and it's advertise didn't say "warning: till deprecation you have 730 days left". Apple presentations said it's "magical", but we didn't know it implies that it will turn into pumpkin after midnight.


    Apple, you broke our expectations, so don't expect us to meet your selling plans any more. Our money will go to those who care about their customers more.

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    Well said Cheers123. Finally, a programmer acknowledges that Apple had a choice whether to support the iPad 1 or not. Apple created the technology and the business model. Corporations run on 5-year plans. They knew in advance what they would be releasing and when. It's not like they discovered all of a sudden that the iPad1 wouldn't support their new OS releases. And even if they did, there's nothing stopping them from continuing to update ios5 and requiring app developers to ensure that ios5 versions of their apps remain functional in that environment.


    This creates the perception that Apple is milking its customers...


    Q. Why was there no wall plug in the iPad1 box?

    A. To get you to buy the $30 product.

    Q. Why is there no USB port in the iPad?

    A. To force customers upgrade when they ran out of storage space.

    Q. Why is Apple not supporting the iPad 1 with OS updates?

    A. To force customers to buy another.


    Whether or not these answers are entirely true may not matter. It's customer perception that counts. That's what drives the purchasing decision. I'm in the market for a smartphone and a tablet. I would have purchased a new iPhone and iPad; but because of this hairbrained move by Apple, I'm looking elsewhere. Judging by the posts on this forum, so are many others.


    Are you listening Apple?

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    I generally hate these forums because everyone is so fervently religious in defense of their "team". Apple supports 3GS because they *chose* to continue selling it. They also *chose* to allow OS6 to download automatically instead of having a block saying the program was incompatible. This sent me to figure out to downgrade so I could use any of my apps. So fine, I see the upgrades for apps I can't use backing up. But then I try to upgrade an app I use to track my meds and lo, it won't sync with other devices. So, then I feel the diffulty of having this OS problem.

    You are infuriated by users not getting over having bought a $600-800 device that has a lot of life in in it still, not just getting over it and replacing the device or else having to jerryrig solutions to syncing,apps etc.  While you think they are acting entitled for expecting a giant corporation for not factoring these original adopters into their ongoing equation, I, for one think that Apple devotees who seem to think every one who owns and Apple product can or should be equipped to replace them very year are the real brats here. Just because everyone does not have the same buying power, does not mean they should expect their extremely expensive, two year old to device to be left without support. No matter how reasonable you think it is, not being in this predicament, Apple are capable of making different decisions, also without consideration to what their competitors do. They don't follow competitors in the first place. They also have a history of introducing updates that deletes previously purchased bundles - this also points to philosophy on how to make money. Personally, I think it disrespects customers. My family buys Apple nearly exclusively but I am not so blind to ignore the ways they don't support their customers, simply because someone else is the same or worse.

    The idea that so many people on here have of "it ***** to be you" school of thought, rather than like Apple was when it started: "Think Different" is depressing. A very few people have suggestions. Companies are free to do what they like, but we don't have the admire them for their every move.  I have no respect for those who buy every Apple product to be fashionable.

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    mjpf02 wrote:


    I generally hate these forums...


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    I see both sides here, and sympathize with both. On the one hand, yes, we've been forced to upgrade our equipment since the whole computer concept began.


    We've had funerals for the "floppy disk", the MacPlus, the Zip Drive, the non-intel Mac, and can't use the iCloud without upgrading to System 10.8 etc. etc. Every time I think I can get a breather, something new pops up to deal with. And that just seems to come with the computer "territory." I accept that we have to upgrade or die.


    BUT, it certainly would have been nice (and more "Apple-like") if, the "upgrade" for an application on my iPad 1, had notified me: "An upgrade of this Application will NOT WORK on iPad 1." And maybe then I'd have had the option to STOP upgrading and keep things as they were. After all, we COULD use our computers even when they weren't INTEL, and we can still read old disks if we have the right equipment.


    This would have been a nice COURTESY from Apple, that they didn't offer, and for THAT we have a right to complain. This obsolescence was a SURPRISE, and I had to find this thread before I realized what was happening. No notice frm Apple, nor help understanding what was happening. I wasted a lot of time struggling, and wondering what was wrong when upgrades wouldn't start, and applications just stopped working. THAT was a rude and cruel thing to do to us faithful followers, and Apple should be chastized for that!


    This is not enough for me to say I'll never buy an Apple product again. They still produce the most innovative and user-friendly products around; but the complainers here are NOT just crybabies. And the complaint is a legitimate one! Let's stop just rooting for "our side" and realize there's good points on both sides of this argument; and Apple should be "called into question" for this "without notice" cruel move.

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    Thank you.  Sensibleness.


    I actually posted a long and I thought, well considered response, which Apple rejected.  Basically, did you know that the late adopters and the other category of buyers that aren't the early adopters make up 68% of the buying community?


    This is us, and we are the ones that remember.


    In my post, I told of going to the Apple store for a genius appointment, and was told that the guys there hadn't though of this particular problem, and agreed that it was death of product by proxy (their words).


    My Ipad has never been out of it's case, is mint and is 64gb and has never used more than 18gb.  But now that my apps have reduced in number, due to syncing problems and ios 6, I'm stuffed.


    If anyone would like a mint Ipad 1 64 gb with wifi, please let me know.


    Let's be nice shall we.  Just because a reader of a post doesn't have the problem, doesn't mean I don't have one.  We are allowed to think it's a problem, especially if the problem is not electronic, it's a software issue.  Thanks Bookguide, you're officially 'liked'

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    Profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them.

    W. Edwards Deming


    Apple stil didn't get the message.....


    AAPL now down to $424 (from $705 in September)

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    This is why I subscribe to the thread.  You get to read the best stuff before apple delete's it.

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          “We've gone through the operating system and looked at everything and asked how can we simplify this and make it more powerful at the same time,” - Steve Jobs


    So why is IOS6 bloated?


    AAPL closed at $420.05 and is still dropping in after hours trading.


    You could always short AAPL, then use the profits to buy a new tablet ;)

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    So of course this issue is not the only reason the share price is falling, but Apple clearly seems to have lost its Mojo.....we are a few expressing our emotions, while many others do not......but analysts read these forums too, and they probably have a very good idea about the negative impact this is all having on Apple's top and bottom line.


    In Steve Job's last years Apple apparently could do no wrong (fueled by his obsession for perfection).......since he passed away things are just not done as rigorously any more. The Maps disaster may serve as an example here. Tim Cook, get yourself some obsessive perfectionists back into the organization.............or Apple may soon find itself with the back to the wall, on Wall Street and in the market place.......

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    So what type of programmer are you that you have never been faced with memory restrictions?


    iOS 6 did add a number of features and it made a lot of new APIs available to programmers. It also grew the size of the OS kernel and the swap space required. The iPad 1 uses a significant amount of memory for the display which, in case you haven't noticed, is quite a bit larger than the iPhone 3Gs.The iPad 1 strains at using iOS 5.1.1. which is why more Resets have been required, particularly for Safari.


    You probably could do a pared down iOS 6 specific to the iPad that would run...but that would be all you would be able to run, just the imbedded apps, no 3rd party apps.


    As far as Windows XP, Android and Apple all 3 have different approaches and business plans. Microsoft is stuck with their Registry and trying to make sure everything is backwards compatible, except for maybe their software. But you must have forgotten that even though XP would run with 256MB of RAM that was no guarantee that Office or other apps would do so. When you bought a new application you checked the box for the minimum specs and if it said 768Mb (or K if you are as old as I am) and you only had 256 then you had to upgrade to run it. If you were at your maximum RAM you either put in a new mother board or bought a new computer. And it still works this way in the PC world.


    Androids approach is willy-nilly, your device MAY be able to be upgraded depending on the manufacturer or you can root it and update it. Security seems to be Google's afterthought.


    Apple has historically not been as concerned with backward compatibilty and much more stringent about quality of software running on their devices. If the software won't work, or will work poorly, they don't make it available. In the case of the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1, iPod Touch 2, and, just like the iPad 1, the iPod Touch 3, they are at the end of their upgrade ability. This also happens with the other two companies and Symbian devices. Only the timeline is different so consumers should buy accordingly based on their needs.

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