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    The iPad 1 shipped with iOS 3. Since then it has been updated to iOS 4 and iOS 5.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    Plusua888 wrote:


    Well that is a shame, and after selling 170 million first generation ipads

    Actually, Apple has sold 170 million total iPads (all generations).

    When the iPad 2 was launched, they had sold 15 million 1st gen iPads. I doubt it went up significantly after that.

    I can't download and install everyday apps like Twitter or Faceboook

    Yes, you can.

    Make sure to use the App store app on your iPad.


    I'm an editor in training and can't get decent editing apps

    or any recent equipment that's not 5 generations/4 years old.

  • Plusua888 Level 1 Level 1

    Unless there's a section in the App store that gives me Apps compatible with iOS 5.1.1 I am being asked to update the iOS to 6.0 or higher and these are notifications for Apps like Facebook and Twitter, to name popular ones.  So, if my ipad 1 cannot download Facebook and Twitter Apps from the App store, I'm left to run them off the Safari brower itself, it's a work around yes, but totally misses the point of the Apps.  I disagree with you, ipad 1 owners are being forced to get a new device from Apple if and when there is no update beyond 5.1.1, a lot of things just don't work.  Someone should make a list of what does and what doesn't run on ipad 1 with an iOS limite of 5.1.1

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    you just have to do that thing that apple doesnt let you say.

    and once you do that you just have to search the internet for 5.1 compatible versions of the apps you want. then manually install them.


    I know this isnt the simplist/best way. but its literally the ONLY way, thanks to apple.


    My company has a 100 outside sales reps that used ipads, most of them are ipad 1's. the last few months we have been getting more complaints that they can use some apps that our company recommends to have.... we hit them with "XX company has no plans on replacing ipads at this time, we recommend not downloading that app if it will not work". too bad

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    Right, my apologies.  So the 'lost at sea' ipad 1 consumers sits around 84 million devices.  I have left a message with Apple feedback, I doubt they will offer anything for ipad 1 consumers.  Sad still.

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    Plusua888 wrote:


    Right, my apologies.  So the 'lost at sea' ipad 1 consumers sits around 84 million devices.

    No it doesn't.

    Apple didn't sell 70 million iPad 1s after they released the iPad 2 and later gens.

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    No, I seriously doubt they sold 69 million iPad 1s after the release of the iPad 2.

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    15 million + devices,  I was so off, my google-fu needs some brushing up on.  But does it matter how many, maybe, maybe not, would be nice to have an iOS above 5.1.1 but that doesn't change the tech that's within these devices, I guess internet applications have grown in functionality that requires more memory and muscle that the ipad 1's can't deliver.  I'll probably look into this jailbreaking thing a few peeps have mentioned as an alternative.

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    you guys are just gonna have to wait for the next worthy buy back program.


    should have jumped on the target deal a couple months ago. they were buying ANY working ipad for $200. even the 16gb ipad 1. i turned in my 32gb ipad 1, that model wasnt even getting $150 on CL when i looked up what they were going for at the time.



    yes it was a giftcard, but not hard to convert that to cash or even sell it for 95% its value.

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    Buyback huh, that's another option.  Well, hmm, perhaps these things will be collector items?  Anyone ever prospect around that idea?  What were they selling for CL, under 100$.  I wonder if App developers could still create Apps for iOS 5.1.1, sorta like a dumbed down version of popular Apps. 

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    Plusua888 wrote:


    I wonder if App developers could still create Apps for iOS 5.1.1, sorta like a dumbed down version of popular Apps.

    All apps being submitted have to be compatible with iOS 7 (but they can still be backwards compatible).

    And developers can still keep their old versions available.

    -> upport-older-hardware-and-software/

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    What's hialrious to me is that the current generation thinks supporting a product for three years or so is perfectly acceptable. Meanwhile lots of products in the physical world are supported for a decade or more and continue to be valuable usable products long after that. You know where all those early generation ipad are? In the hands of toddlers and school kids still downloading entetainment, games, and educational software.  The amount of money (and goodwill) being left on the table by Apple is mind boggling. If my three year old drops and breaks a $140 first generation iPad, no big deal. If she drops a $400 mini or current ipad, THATS a big deal.   A lot of fully functioning hardware ends up in landfills far sooner than necessary. Apple's certainly not the only culprit, but they're currently the worst. Let's celebrate Earth Day by congratulating Apple for their huge contribution to electronic waste.

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    I totally agree with you. Apple could be giving a decent buyback on old iPads toward purchase of a newer version. Then donate them to inner city schools and getting tax write off while appearing really generous. Meanwhile they are creating great customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Instead, I now hate lemon....I mean apple,..and have stopped, thankfully before it was too late, my plan to buy a MacAir. I won't be buying another apple tablet and will be switching to an android phone as soon as my contract allows. My wife has an android and it's just as good. I've sent my thoughts to apple feedback and haven't even been sent a courtesy response. Unless lemon, I mean apple, makes me a happy customer, I'm done with them.

    Last week, Microsoft was at my university, WSU, giving Surface demos in the lunch area. I held up my ipad1 and said it was becoming as useful as a rock and recommended to the people looking at the Surface that they buy one of those instead. If apple doesn't care about me as a customer, I sure don't care about taking money out of their pockets.

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    The original iPad, which was the first of its kind, was released on April 3, 2010, 4 years ago, and development was probably a year before that. Being the first of its type those who bought it were on the bleeding edge. Welcome to the world of small electronics. You need to compare like items, tablet to tablet to smartphone, etc. Computers are a different product line, cars are different, airplanes are different.


    Your iPad does the same thing as when you purchased it. As it was the first of its kind it only came with 256mb of RAM (some used for video) and had an earlier lower power CPU and GPU. If you read through this thread and some others here regarding the iPhone 3G, 3Gs, etc. you can find sites where apps are listed that run on 5.1.1.


    I don't know why you think Apple is the worst. New chipsets on tablets emerge every year that far outstrip the older chipsets. This is all companies. And it will probably end up being shorter in the future. Developers write new programs, games, educational apps, etc. based upon the latest hardware, particularly in terms of graphics. The iPad 1 does not have near the hardware to support these advances.


    How many people do you see carrying 4 year old smartphones?


    @StarStuff 68: You can take your iPad 1 into and Apple Store starting today and recycle it. You could do this online before now. They will not "donate" them to inner city schools, they will recycle the materials. They would not get a big tax write off. But you could donate yours to an inner city school if you wanted to.


    I sold my original iPad to a 1 year old friend. He eventually sold it to Target for $200 and bought an iPad Air when that deal was available.


    The Surface is really a low end computer and not a tablet. Not a particularly low price computer. I would opt for a convertible computer from HP or Levovo, or a notebook from Dell before I would shell out the money for a Surface. And you end up with more horsepower.


    You aren't particularly cute or original with your lemon reference. Good luck with your Surface but I would suggest you look first at the options I mentioned.

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    PUP80 wrote:


    If the reason the Ipad 1 isnt getting the latest sotware is because it is no longer on sale it just proves apples GREED!!!

    Grow up.