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    Dude, you're 40 and you're getting this worked up?  Age is supposed to bring maturity, I hope this isn't what to expect in a few years when I hit 40...


    Apple products are expensive, they carry a premium. Your wife, last year, bought a device that was already a year and a bit old. I'm sorry that it's all she could have afforded at the time, but this is nothing new....


    Simply put, Apple has supported the iPad for well over 2 years.


    You cannot compare it to a desktop machine.


    You can only compare it to other mobile tablet like devices.


    Find me any tablet over 2 years old that's able to, say, run Jellybean. You won't find it. Simple as that.


    Don't get mad at apple for having to pass by older hardware. That's how it's always been.

  • Abobker alagel Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)

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    "That's how it's always been" really is a ridiculous comment. The iPad 1 is most people's first foray into owning a tablet. There is no past to draw on here. I thought Apple were better than this.


    My iPad 1 is 2 & a bit years old. In my view, the technology of what an iPad 3 does, compared to an iPad 1 is very little different. Certainly not enough to warrant me buying one. I bought my iPad 1 to surf the net and read ebooks. And yes it will still do this. But In the interrim time, like many others, I have spent rather a lot on apps which will not be updated.


    Having owned a 3GS when I first bought my iPad, I am very aware that the iPad 1 was way quicker than the 3GS. That is the galling thing here. The fact that Apple has no iPad 1's left to sell is not my fault.


    So I am now a disgruntled iPad 1 & 4S owner. Ironically this comes at a time where I was about to take a leap into the mac world and buy a top of the range iMac. Not any more. 


    The last few disappointing product launches suggests that Apple is struggling to make products that make us want to upgrade to them, so they resort to trying to force us. No more Apple devices for me. Not ever. And I suspect I am not alone in this view. They have lost their edge, now watch as they start to lose their customers.

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    So what about a 60-year-old owner of a 5-year-old PS3 that still gets regular OS updates automatically?!


    As I said before, I only want to properly stream music from iTunes Match to my iPad 1 (which iOS6 will do and iOS5 will not). Still, I suppose I ought to gripe to Apple about iTunes Match, not my iPad, since I continue to pay the annual sub for the former!


    I won't be buying another iPad.

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    How is it not clear. The 3GS is still supported because it was still being sold at the time. They can't phase out support for an active device.


    There's no other logical reason to support the 3GS over the iPad 1. None. But they can't very well sell an active device and drop support for it. It's simple.


    And yes, I can use the "it's how it's been done". The iPad is an extension of the iPhone and an extension of the iPod touch. It's not relatable to anything else, and therefore normal human logic makes it clear thst it will lose support.


    Apple has not sold a first generation iPad since early 2011, it was first sold in early 2010. iOS 6 comes out at the end of September and up to this point, the first generation iPad has been supported for 2 full versions of ios. That, for ANY tablet is seriously amazing.


    Now no one is addressing the simple point I made.


    It's this.


    Find me a single Android tablet that has received OS support for 2.5 years. Find me one, that's a solid device, and is still usable as the iPad 1 is that has been around for 2 and a half years and I'll eat my hat and run through the streets naked.


    Complain about Apple not supporting this all you want, but what you need to say then is "I will never buy another mobile tablet again", because Apple does a much, much, much better job of long term support than anyone else making similar products.


    Q. E. D.

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    Is there a PS4?  Do you think if there was, Sony would keep dumping money into the ps3?  I guarantee that in less than 2 years after the next generation system came out, there would no longer be support or games made for the PS3. Maybe some PSN games would exist, but the same will be said for the iPad. Developers still create apps that are compatible with iOS 4.


    And while I can't read the tea leaves, but I am confident that developers will look at their logs prior to deciding whether to eliminate all those people running first generation iPads. If their userbase is heavily weighted there, they would simply be shooting themselves in the foot to push them aside just for the sake of progress.


    I'm sorry you don't have the ability to do what you want with iTunes match, I agree it's a cool feature and would be great to have, but simply put they are not supporting mobile tech that is no longer being sold!  Again, something else that makes your ps3 argument completely inappropriate here.


    And fine, don't buy another iPad. But you'll also not be buying another tablet. Like I said above, no other mobile tablet developer is still updating their OS after 2 years. Android is NOTORIOUS for kicking older products to the curb. Want to find me even a single Tablet that's more than 2 years old that is slated to run Jellybean?  So your choices are simple. Buy a laptop from here on out, or realize that mobile technology changes EVERY YEAR. For ever manufacturer. For every OS. If you can't deal with thst get a flip phone and resign yourself to not moving forward ever. Until them, 2 years is the limit. Actually, possibly 3 with phones as I can see my iPhone 4 still being sold this time next year, and it will likely get the next upgrade.

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    @andsoitgoes -- by your logic, it means that people in other countries get to enjoy their iPad even shorter before being forced to upgrade. The iPad only launched here in Malaysia in October 2010. Is it really called for that we Malaysians have to give up on our iPad a whole half month earlier than you guys in the US? Besides, we also got our new iPad two months late, and we're still waiting for the iPhone 5 (which given the past records, probably won't show up locally until December). Is it fair that those who buy the devices have to give up on them earlier?


    I don't think it's fair.


    Besides, by your PS4 Analogy, you failed to take into account that the PS4 (aka Playstation Orbis) is a completely different platform. Games written for the PS3 will simply stop being updated and will still run on the PS3. They will have to re-port the game to the PS4, and thus PS3 games will run on different servers compared to those on PS4s. PS3 games you've bought will still be available for download if you hard reset your PS3. Heck, PS3 games only rely on the internet for three things: Online Multiplayer, Achievements and Hi-Scores.


    On the iPad, the app not only ceases updating, but those which relies on web services eventually quits working if they pull the plug on letting older version of an app connect. And many iPad Apps depends on web services for everything- ranging from currency exchange rates to news to even Instant Messaging (all this because Apple does not allow apps to fully run in background indefinitely, so most instant messaging apps use a server as temporary message storage and hand over their ability to listen for updates to the iPad's notification daemon). Now, if the server were to change APIs, perhaps to patch a security vulnerability or exploit that allows the user to get paid extra features for free, users of the old version of the app who cannot upgrade are screwed, plain and simple. And because of the updated app no longer supporting the current version of iOS if the developer chose not to, you will lose the app if you reset your iPad. The last version that works, assuming that the app is not designed to use any web-services or the web service isn't changed, won't be there for re-downloading from the cloud because Apple doesn't care. Sure, you may have a backup on iTunes, but what if some little itchy hands has fired up iTunes and asked it to update all the apps stored on it while you're at work?

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    That's mobile tech.


    Why can't you understand that?  Go yell at Android for supporting their systems as little, if not less, than Apple.


    As for getting the iPad later, that doesn't happen now. The release dates are closer now, within a week. Back in 2010, they ad restrictions in place that they weren't prepared for. I'm sorry you got yours later, but your device is still supported and will continue to be supported even if it doesn't get iOS 6. I'm confident that developers will try their best to support the older architecture PRIMARILY if they can see enough people are using iOS 5.  And if you aren't able to get the iPhone until December, I'm sure it's not because apple has it out for you, don't you think there's a bigger picture going on there?  Seriously, Apple isn't singling you out and trying to rain on your parade.


    It's technology, this is how it works. Mobile tech is separate and I keep coming back to one simple fact, if you think Apple is evil here, find me another mobile tablet manufacturer that's still supporting theirs after the first year and a bit, let alone over 2.


    As for the Playstation argument, my point is still valid. There will be no more updates to games or the OS. That's the argument. I was addressing what I still feel to be an invalid analogy to begin with. You can't compare the two, but the other poster did. The simple fact is that when the new Playstation comes along, there will be NOTHING new that works on the PS3. The new Killzone game won't be made available for the PS3.


    But with Apple, many games still support iOS 4, and more will stay supporting iOS 5 IF there is enough of an active iPad 1 userbase

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    Crap, I hate not being able to edit. Anyway, regarding itchy hands updating iTunes, that's something you need to control, don't blame apple for allowing other people to do stuff. And even if they do, the apps don't magically explode, they're there until you empty your trash, all you have to do is copy them back over. Is it convenient?  No, of course it isn't. But that's the choice you make expecting a company to support a device that's well past its prime.

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    Dear Apple

    I write today to inform I will be buying a surface to prove a point, not because I can't afford an iPad 3 and not because I don't understand a product cycle SUPPORT MUST END AT SOME POINT !!. I will not be buying apple hardware in the iPad line because of the limitations in regards to IOS and which version I can choose to run. there is no way to downgrade my iPad. Now if you had stopped support back on version 4.3.3 I would be completley understanding but the fact is you made IOS 5 for the original iPad which is buggy, slow, power hungry, and defeats the point of the smooth browsing and music playing experience I once had. This is the problem I have you made a problem and didn't rectify it and that is bad customer support. All products have a life span and iPad 1 was as smooth as could be on iOS 4 I would be more than happy to run and browse in comfort for future months possibly a year or two. Now I don't ask for a stripped down version or any other silly idea but the opportunity to downgrade to 4.3.3 would make me a happy customer and I will continue to buy apple.

    Many thanks

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    Alex, you weren't forced to upgrade to iOS 5.


    As for it running sluggishly, I have zero problems running it on my first gen iPad. Sure, it's not as smooth as the iPad 2, but upgrading to 5 wasn't the disaster many people are making it out to be, unless you've used one of the newer iPads, I don't see it as dramatic as you're making it out to be.


    Maybe you need to do a fresh restore?


    Outside of that, you did choose to upgrade to an OS tailored to the newer devices with double the ram and more powerful processors. Yes you'd have lost the ability to update some apps, but many of them would still work just fine.


    And if you'd followed certain procedures, there were ways of downgrading your iOS version. I'm not sure if they worked going from 5 to 4, I never needed to check. At the end of the day, you took a risk upgrading to the latest and greatest.


    As for the surface, expect to see that run into these same issues in 2.5 years, don't think that Microsoft is an exception here. This is mobile tech.


    And finally, you realize no one at apple is going to read this, right?  No one.

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8 (38,850 points)

    And in addition to Apple not reading this, he seems to have overlooked that this thread has nothing to do with downgrading, but rather about upgrading :P

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    I'd suggest a restore for your iPad 1.  I had installed IOS5 on my iPad 1 before selling it to my grandson and it is working just fine.  Is it as spiritedly as my IPad3?  Of course not - and that's due to  the hardware not the software.  your iPad 1 should be able to run iOS5 just fine.  I sometimes wonder what on earth a few people do to their Apple products that cause them so much grief when the work great for most of us.

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    >Crap, I hate not being able to edit

    You and me both- I just realized I typed in that I waited half a month for the first iPad's release in Malaysia when I meant half-a-year (the iPad came out in April 2010. We only got it in October 2010).


    > The release dates are closer now, within a week.

    No, it was still two months - April launch in the US. It only started showing up over here in June. And as I said, the iPhone 5 is still nowhere to be seen over here.


    Yes, the iPad 2 came out just one week after the initial US launch, but for some reason Apple put on a 2 month delay for Malaysia with the new iPad. As for the phones, they've always been subjected to 3 month to half year delays.


    And the thing about the PS4 is this- apps and games for the PS3 may no longer be updated, but it will still be there for you to download. For the iPad, you lose it all if you reset your iPad and your backup is somehow hosed, if the developer choses to no longer support iOS5 with their wares.

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    This is horseshit !

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