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The article was, obviously, written by an engineer.  I hope this can be revised to make the process a little clearer.


I've been stockpiling the AVCHD folders on my hard drive for a while, so I'm excited to be able to catalog it with iPhoto now.


Basically, I've tried to drag-and-drop the AVCHD and BDMV directly into iPhoto (as well as using the Import to Library dialog), and I get error warnings like the one illustrated in the article.  Nothing is mentioned about it except the fact that it "may happen."  How about this:  how do I import so that does not happen?


Anyone have any success?

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.8), MacBookPro1.2 2.16 GHz
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    Hi MetalDave


    I have exactly the same problem and have logged a similar question:




    Please let me know if you have any success.

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    How did you do your archiving?


    Did you initially bring over the entire folder structure like on the support page?

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    I agree that instructions are lacking in the article and I too was unsuccessful.  I tried a few different directory structures starting with a folder named SD on my desktop.  I tried drag and drop and import command from various positions in the directory structure.  (Maybe I have the structure wrong or need to create an image.  I even tried loading the structure and one MTS file on an SD card and that did not work.  I did not include the folders that would not be in the structure to get to the MTS file.)  If somebody could pull off an import from archived (i.e., off-camera) files and post how they did it that would be great.  I tried Handbrake and multiple other converters and unwrappers to get the MTS files into iMovie and the only one that worked well and was pretty true to the original was IVI.  I was really hoping to see what Apple's native support would look like.

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    I've been pulling the AVCHD folder from the flash disks, renaming them, and storing them on a hard drive.  This brings the file structure intact for later use.  In fact, you can open them as a device in iMovie, so that was my method.  Now that it's supposed to work with iPhoto, I should be able to integrate them with the photos they supplement.


    - Dave

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    You can use iMovie to get these things imported and manipulate them for your own purposes.  If you want to play them, I use VLC.  However, I just purchased a new camera that shoots 1080p, and it's just too much information for it to process smooth playback (at least with my current hardware).  Anyway, that's another topic for another thread.


    It sounds like you tested a couple of scenerios, and I appreciate the feedback.  I'd love if someone could post their successful formula, but, more than likely, that audience is not looking at this forum unless they're having a problem.


    At the end of the day, we need to get Apple some feedback on updating their documentation.  Anyone know how to go about that?  I thought using this forum would do that, but I'm thinking this is just community.


    - Dave

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    It looks like I'm not alone:


    HT5251 Using AVCHD video with iPhoto '11 9.3

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    Does anyone know if the particular camera has to be on a "supported devices" list for iPhoto to recognize it?

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    The article appears to be updated in it's language a bit in terms of some clarifications that were not there previously.


    The first line:  iPhoto will recognize many devices that shoot AVCHD video and import from them directly, similarly to importing a photo.


    The key word:  "many."  Does this imply "not all?"