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  • drolling Level 1 Level 1

    After 20 hours still getting "Upgrading: Step 7 of 7 (99% complete)".  I'll give it another hour than try rebuilding the library as leonieDF points out is in the Release Notes.


    I haven't been frustrated until now.  My work queue is backing up and this is beginning to negatively impact my live.

  • léonie Level 10 Level 10
    Photos for Mac

    Great to know; congratulations! 



  • drolling Level 1 Level 1

    Mission accomplished!  The rebuild worked perfectly.


    It took about 45 minutes (my library is 130.8GB containing 24,933 photos).

  • Jim Bridger Level 1 Level 1

    Martin, yes I did all the repairs possible, permissions, rebuilt, etc. Did all there steps twice which took several days itself. The good news I want to report back on is that Apple now has two different libraries that are both having issues. They reached out to me because of this forum and are working hard to try and solve my issues. I have to say I was quite impressed with their interest in helping out. Now if we can just get my largest on up and running.

  • André Tenenbaum Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everybody, I was having the same problems as everyone else.


    I tried to post the steps the problem and solution came to me hoping that it will help others.


    1. First I downloaded the Aperture upgrade (3.3) and try to open and upgrade my library that was in an Firewire external HD;
    2. It got stuck on one of the steps (I can't remember which one);
    3. Force quit, I tried again and no success;
    4. I copied the library to my internal HD and tried again;
    5. It open in Aperture 3.3 but I was stuck with the "0" photos problems in many projects (mostly the ones form 2011 until now)
    6. Try repair, rebuild and restore and nothing;
    7. I got a backup of my library from my Time Machine;
    8. Copied the library back to another location in my internal HD;
    9. Downloaded a Aperture 3.1 trial installer from a torrent;
    10. I renamed Aperture (3.3) to ApertureXXX and installed Aperture 3.1 trial;
    11. Open My backed up library and repair permission in Aperture 3.1;
    12. Close Aperture 3,1 and open Aperture 3.3;
    13. It asked me to upgrade my library;
    14. I cross my fingers and all went smoth;


    The problems seems to be when you upgrade directly in Aperture 3.3 and something goes wrong (I never though Apple would le something like this happen), then you have to open a backup in Aperture 3.1 and do it again.


    Or the problem may be in doing the upgrade in a library that is in an external HD, something that does not make any sense why it would not work.


    Hope this Helps you all get your library and work back in order.


    I am Happy again!!! : )


    And remember backup is the only way to go.

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