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I had charged my laptop up this morning fine, unplugged it and watched a film, my battery drained after about 2 hours so I plugged it back in assuming it was charging but then it turned off. I have switched plug sockets, checked that other things are working from the plug sockets and they are, it just seems to be that my charger isnt connecting to my laptop. The battery usually runs out quite quickly cause I spend most of my time on it, but its never not charged before. No amber or green light appears at all. I tried waiting a few minutes to see if perhaps either had been over heated but it still hasnt worked. Also, my nearest apple store is at least 2 hours away and I work so I can't even pop into the shop and have somebody look at it, plus I don't drive and others who do also work so I reaaaallly hope to diagnose it through here is possible. Its killing me not being able to use my laptop!! PC's simply do not work for me ha.

MacBook Pro