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Hello. I have iMovie 7.1.4 (iLife '08, I think?) but I vaguely remember a discussion here about how iMovie removes a field for each frame.


I will be converting an old VHS movie a bunch of us made decades ago usin a VCR outputting S-video to an old Hi-8mm camera, and maybe another camera if need be, to convert that analog signal to digital and then to USB or FireWire (I've done it before, I'll just have to remember what I did).


Sure, the VHS is degrading, but I want the best possible digital copy, and I don't think I'm very cool with iMovie throwing half the movie away. This will go on DVD and be passed around to friends, so the best picture is really needed.


So... with that said, and not willing to spend money on any new Apple iMovies that may not be up to the task, does anyone have any ideas of what video products I can use to capture video? I have VLC, though I don't know if it captures, and I have QuickTime (again, don't know if it captures, especially from USB/FireWire).


I'm open to demo software too, so long as they don't watermark the video or anything. This video will be at least 1.5 hours long, and I won't have time to record it in 10 minute segments to avoid any weirdness.


Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you so much!!

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Nevermind. I found the whole situation with iMovie HD being free download from Apple (years ago), so that solves that issue.