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The "iPhoto 6 Get Started" manual that is on the web (http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/iPhoto_6_Getting_Started.pdf) shows VERY different instructions from what iPhoto on an iPad needs! 


(1) I can't seem to find out how to re-order (re-sequence) photos in a journal or an album on my iPad


(2) what is difference between a journal and an album?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1, iPad 3
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    iPad for iOS has a good help menu. Tap the ? To use it.


    You cannot reorder photos in an album.

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    Thanks, Ralph.  But the help menu (which I have thoroughly explored) is minimal.


    Seems a shame the iPhoto for iPad doesn't allow one to re-sort photos. I feel like I've been had since much of the hype about iPhoto was its ability to reorganize one's collection.

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    There are two help menus. One provides help with the editing tools. The other is more complete and appears when you are looking at your list of albums. Seems like that one is a little more complete.


    I also found this Apple site with support for iPhoto for iOS. Perhaps there's something thee that will help you.



    I agree that the inability of iPhoto to sort or rearrange photos is perplexing. Especially since I can organize my photos in iPhoto on my Mac and that order of photos is maintained in the Photo app on my iPad. But when I open that same album in iPhoto the photos are rearranged there. This has been the case since iPhoto for iOS was released. There were a lot of questions about this early after iPhoto for iOS was released but there have been fewer questions lately.


    The inability to rearrange photos has resulted, for me, in having the slide show tool in iPhoto for iOS be worthless.