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can I shoot in 16:9 with quick time?

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    May you please elaborate?

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    i have a mac...I am trying to record a video in 16:9  is there a way to set Built in camera to record in Photo booth to do that. Or Through Quick Time or is there a another way with a aftermarket web cam?

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    If your built-in camera is an iSight HD model/version, the answer is YES. Just open Quicktime > File > New Movie Recording (Your iSight Camera should turn on automatically). Then click on the little triangle (next to the record button) to bring up more options and under the quality settings, just select HIGH or MAXIMUM.


    If you don't have a built in iSight HD camera, I believe the answer is No. You may need to crop the recorded video aftwards with third-party software, such as Handbrake (free video-encoding software).

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    Neither QuickTime nor Photo Booth can make native recordings in 16:9 aspect ratio.

    iMovie versions after iMovie 5 can.  (Select 16x9 when creating a new project.)


    Software controls all Macs' inbuilt cameras.  For info on recording formats for some

    common apps, see http://discussions.apple.com/message/18535582   When comparing

    your Mac apps, use these relationships for Aspect Ratio ("16x9") versus Size Ratio (16÷9) :


    Aspect Ratio    Size Ratio       Application

        16x9             1.777778       Hi-Def

    1920x1080       1.777778       1080p Hi-Def

    1280x720         1.777778       720p Hi-Def (iMovie)

    1280x1024       1.250000       QuickTimeX (max)

    720x480           1.500000        FaceTime 

    1280x853         1.500586        Photo Booth

    640x480           1.3333...         iChat



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    Mac OSX 10.7.4