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I use my Mac to do alot of online movie and TV watching. I usually watch at least one or two movies or TV programs a night.  Whenever I watch anything these days the internal fan starts up and typically stays on until the streaming ends. Should I be concerned by this? Is there  anything other than steaming less that I can do to lessen the need for the fan?  Has anyone else noticed this issue in their Macbook Air?  My Mac is about 8 months old.  Thanks

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    The fan is there to cool the cpu when it is under a heavy load.

    Video streaming is a heavy load.

    If the fan didn't speed up the cpu would overheat and shut the machine off.


    It's not an issue.  It's the way all computers work.

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    I appreciate your quick response.  I recognize that 'it's the way all computers work'...  it's just that - and I didn't make this clear - the fan never came on in the first 6 months of use now it seems like it's always on, but I hear you: streaming is a heavy load so the fan comes on and cools the cpu.  Question answered, thanks much.