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When you forget the name of an app that you purchased like a century ago and you have like 1000k apps and dont feel like scrolling through the slow window itunes interface then a search feature for your the apps you purchased on an invoice type reciept. instead  view a timeline on alist where you can easily find an app you purchased.  I know its asking for a little to much.  the search feature now is like scrolling through pages of lists of purchased apps with no search  to find the app so i though sometimes this would be helpful to quickly find what you lost or looking for.  Just thought this would help.  the reason i suggest this is sometimes you forget if you paid for an app and you find out if you did or not after you press the buy button and theres no real way to find or search for what you purchased so its like taking a guess at it if you forgot but if theres a search feature then it would be more fair.  Just sayin.

iPhone 4, Windows Vista