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I forget and can't find any information but I know I was able to at one time back up my whole iPod to DVD while connected to my PC and iTunes but can't fnd the option or way to perform this.


What am I missing and how do I do it?



iPod touch, iOS 4.2, 2G
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    Here is an older help article about backing up your iTunes library to DVD:

    How to back up your media in iTunes

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    I am using Windows plus that option doesn't show up in my iTunes.  I click on File/Library but there isn't a option to back up to disc as this article suggests.

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    Yes, they removed that option in the newer iTunes versions. So you'll have to copy the whole library to an external HD or a safe place on your computer and see if you can copy it to a DVD.


    Also include the iTunes library into our computer backup routine, don't forget the iTunes backup folder, the location is mentioned in this article:

    iTunes: About iOS backups

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    I don't even see a way of copying to an external HD.  The only thing I can copy from Windows XP are the pictures, nothing else shows up on the iPod drive but the pics.  I do appreciate your trying to help me by the way.


    Why did they remove this option do you know?

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    You can't copy anything but pictures from your iPod to your computer, desktop mode is not supported with the iPod touch.

    To copy the content from your Touch to your iTunes library on your computer, right click on it in the device list in iTunes and choose "transfer purchases". But you can only copy bought media and apps from the iTunes Store.

    For all other songs you'll have to use 3rd party software like Touchcopy for example.


    After that go to iTunes/Edit/Preferences/Advanced, to find out where the iTunes media are stored on your computer. This is the folder you need to back up somehow by moving the content to an external drive.