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I have several repeating calendar events that I created in my home calendar (icloud) which can't be deleted. Under event details the "edit" and the "delete event" is missing. I can't delete or modify these events at all. Dragging and dropping the event doesn't work either. The cloud is syncing fine as both my iphone and ipad have all the same events with the same issue.

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    I just realised that the events that can't be deleted have invitees as well.

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    I am having the same issue.  I created a repeating event and invited others to it.  It won't let me edit it, nor delete it.  I changed my status to "Decline" and it disappears; however, as soon as I try to exit the event window, everything shows back up and my status reverts to "Accepted."  The only two buttons I have access to is "Revert" and "Reply."  Both end up with the same results - event still shows up and I am still in an "Accepted" status.


    I tried editing the original entry as well as follow-on events (later in the repeating cycle).  I cannot edit anything other than my status, which doesn't change in the end.


    I am running Mountain Lion 10.8.1 on a 6-core Mac Pro.  This issue also occurred within Lion (10.7.x).


    It also does the same thing on my iPhone - I decline the event, it disappears, but then pops back up a few seconds later.


    I am using an iPhone 4 using iOS 5.1.1


    Any ideas on how to delete (or even modify times, dates, locations, etc.)?



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    I figured out how to delete these pesky events with invitees...


    Create a new calendar.

    Change the event to show up on the new calendar.

    Allow enough time for it to migrate to your other devices (iPhone, iPad, etc)

    Decline the event.

    Delete the new calendar you created.

    Your events should now disppear - for good!


    On a side note, if Apple reads these things - this is a painful process to delete these events.  This needs to be fixed in the next iteration of your update - please!



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    iCloud simply does not work with Outlook. Save yourself the pain and use Google

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    The solution is to use iCloud calendar in a browser on a pc or mac. Of course Apple does not tell you that you can't access iCloud via Safari on your IOS device. They force you to use the native IOS calendars which don't even give you the option of modifying the events that you learn to hate.


    The solution:


    Remove iCloud calendar from both iPad and iPhone (and any other IOS device you have, delete from outlook calendar too if syncing that), then log into iCloud.com with a pc/mac browser, go into calendar, delete all pesky events, then turn calendars back on the IOS devices (and outlook) and they should be gone for good.


    If Apple had said you can't access your iCloud account via Safari on IOS devices on the iCloud webpage that actually opens when you try, this would have been solved much faster. Instead they open up a pointless webpage that asks you if you would like to set up iCloud.


    Of course if the events just synced properly and could be deleted in the first place that would be even better.

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    I have an event, a birthday, that I NEVER ENTERED onto my calendar that will not delete.

      I know of the person and I know that their birthday isn't what the calendar shows.  Furthermore,  I would never want their birthday on my calendar.

    It has no invitees on it.


    (All of my other events delete just fine.)


    It will not delete, and will not cease showing 'forever repeat' no matter what I do to it.


    I feel haunted and stalked.


      Apple support is non existent.

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    My ipone 3s, I also had recurring events that could not be deleted, nor have Edit buttons.  Finally, logging into to icloud.com, I was able to delete all series. Opened as a Monthly view, then clicked at bottom left, the Actions Menu (settings-wheel symbol), delete event, then series.

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    This workaround worked for me. I right clicked on a repeating calendar Item that I could not delete. I chose "Get Info" and changed repeat to "none." The rest of my calendar then appeared to work.