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Greetings All,


I am trying to set up a live stream for both audio and video.  It is more important that I configure audio first for podcasting. I am on a G5 using Tiger 10.4 and I have QT Pro 7.


In using Broadcaster: 


1. Is the broadcast ip address geolocatable?  Meaning can someone track me down or hack my computer via that link?


2. Can the ip/link be configured into a player that can be embedded on a website?  For example: instead of sending listeners a link - could I just have a player embedded on a webpage and when we are live - it plays the broadcast?


3. Can MIDI be configured to create multiple inputs and outputs in QT Broadcaster?  For example, I would like pull in skype calls with my co-host/callers and play my into/outro/advert jingle during the live broadcast. I found this: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1215.  I don't understand it all and I don't have Lion, but I don't see why similar couldnt work with my version.


4. In Broadcaster when it says record to disk - this means that the whole live show is captured and recorded on my computer correct? Or would I have to use something else like Garageband to record?


5. Is it possible and or preferable to live stream to Itunes? 



This is all I can think of for now. Just trying to figure out my best options.


Thanks in Advance.

G5 , Mac OS X (10.4.3)