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Tim St.Clair Level 1 (10 points)

I have Windows 7 PC (not bootcamp) and a Apple USB keyboard (Model A1243) and a apple mouse (Model A1152). Neither of these things perform teeibly effictively under Windows 7 (Home Premium 64 bit)


The keyboard has a problem with its control key for selecting multiple files. If I hold control and click through multiple files to select them, I have to release the control key then re-press it for every single file. If I continue to hold the key and click a second file, Windows opens the context menu.


The mouse has a problem right clicking in general. I have to release my whole hand from the device (so none of my hand is touching any of the mouse at all) then press the very top right area (not next to the trackball, right around near the usb cord) in order for it to register as a right click.


These are the USB models. I used have them hooked up through a KVM between my PC and my Macbook Air to switch between the two but now it is directly cabled to the pc. They work beautifully on my Air and don't have any problems. On Windows the behaviour is horrendous.


Sorry for posting in this "older hardware", there was no community around this hardware that I could see.


Is there a way to make the keyboard less terrible in Windows. I've gotten used to the command key as the windows key (next to spacebar, instead of a PC keyboard where option is next to space). But having it MISTAKENLY think that holding control is the same as right clicking is a FAULT with this keyboard.


I don't have the desk space for two keyboards.