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I am building an iBooks Author template from the scratch. I am adding placeholder images all around one of my layouts, but when adding new sections based upon this layout, dragging real images to placeholder ones does not work so long. The placeholder image frame even does not highlight.


When I mouse over the placeholder image there is a message saying "This is a placeholder image, etc." but all efforts to drag any JPEG, PNG... image over it were successful. I have no idea what is happening. Placeholders are not blocked in my layouts, etc. etc.


Any suggestion?



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    It is pretty strange... It only lets me place one placeholder image in my page of the template.


    Even if I just copy and paste the same palceholder image that is actually working... the new one just doesn't work... even though it says in the mouse over message that "this is a placerholder text..." .. Nothing!


    For better understanding, I am trying to make a whole new template from the scratching, based on the "basic" template, but with as many placeholder images as I wish, in both chapters, pages of chapters, etc... but it is turning me crazy.

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    I am having the same problem, placeholders made by apple seems to work new ones created by me don't seem to get the proper focus once I am dropping in new pictures and the do not get replaced.


    Hoping for  a solution as well

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    Maybe I found why, if you have in the layout anything overlapping the image, it will not work as a placeholder. it seems you need to have it clean from overlapping objects. But even this does not seem to work consistently.

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    If you alter/customise a page  its "standalone" and unless you select all>copy, it will not be replicated.


    You need to plan your book and make your changes to the Template. If  for example, in the  template you create a page with a black background and 3 different sized placeholder images and re-name it - "Bck3pix" - when you want  to use that again it will be availble via Insert pages. Any changes you make to the template need to be saved and images need to be made editable or you will be unable to drop in any images during book creation.


    You  should also think about  the page in terms of layers - each image is on a different layer - position  has you want using the "Arrange" menu options. 

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    Thanks for the reply vinnyvg but cannot replicate what you are saying. What do you mean by being editable for images? Do you mean just unlocked or is there something else?

    Anyway here are the steps I took to try it out, was working on sections layouts so went on the layout panel and rightclicked a section layout to duplicate it. Then cleaned it compleately and placed into it my design elements. On those I needed as placeolders I kept them unloacked and checked the Format Advance make media placeholder option command + alt + control + I, then i brought it to the top and saved the layout and tried to applay it to a section in the book.


    The layout gets applied and the image if pointed with the mouse says "this is a placeholder..." but when I try to grab a nuew one and drop in it, it does not get focus and I get a new image inserted into the page.


    What am I doing worng?

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    In layouts, this pictures was selected- as you can  see

    in the inspector LAYOUT OBJECTS are ticked to make ...editable. IF you do not do this... you cannot  drop an image onto the placeholder to replace it.   After you have  inserted droppped your own image in place.. you can then lock it if you choose.


    This applies to any image you use in Layouts to create your own design, ie Background image.. postition it, then send to back and lock it.


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    Thanks a lot I wasn't aware of that, you solved my problem now everything works as expected.

    Guess the owner of this post can select your answer a make this tread solved!