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I have an i-Mac with Aperture 3.2.4 where I organize my Aperture files. This machine with Intel Core is not possible to upgrade to Lion. It seems that the upgrade 3.3 is not available for that machine. Aperture 3.3 is just recently upgraded to 3.3 on my MacBook Pro with Lion.


My problem now is that I guess it is impossible to transfer libraries from my MacBook Pro to my I-Mac which I use for organizing my photos.


Or am I wrong?

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    No you won't as the earlier version of Aperture will not read the later version's Library.






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    Is it then possible to export to an older format or is it possible to downgrade from 3.3 to 3.2.4 after you have installed the new version.


    I know I have a copy of 3.2.4. Is it just to delete version 3.3 and replace it with 3.2.4 from another machine?

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    Saw that Apple has a download with Aperture 3.2.4. I will go for that and live with the old version on my MacBook Pro until eventually Apple decides to give Aperture 3.3 an export format that is compatibel with the old version.


    If that need is not catered for, that is not an ideal solution in the long run.

    I guess Aperture will come out with version 4 in the near future.


    I guess I will use my I-mac machine with Snow Leopard for organizing the files. That machine is now my back-up central. And since that machine is not upgradeable to Lion I will be stuck with Aperture 3.2.4 on that machine.



    So it seems that in the long run it is better to look out for other solutions than Aperture for the work-flow of my RAW-files.

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    What do you mean by "long run"?

    Reistad wrote:


    So it seems that in the long run it is better to look out for other solutions than Aperture for the work-flow of my RAW-files.

    On your current hardware, a qualified "maybe".


    (Just filling out your syllogism.  I normally replace my personal computer every 4 years.  Because I have been waiting for something very much like the new machines with SSD and retina display, I am likely to sell my current 5,5 MBP (2009) and upgrade a year earlier than I normally do, and so the burden of staying current falls more lightly on me than it might on you.)


    Note that Apple hasn't taken anything away from you:  you can continue to run your RAW workflow unchanged, and continue to run your RAW workflow as is for as long as you care to define "long run".


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    I guess one solution is to work with referenced images only, and then inside Aperture change the reference for RAW files to a folder on the old machine when I come home.


    So then I will see what Aperture 3.3 has to offer.


    I usually do most of my work on my MacBook Pro. So I guess my back up of the RAW pictures can still be done from my old machine and then I keep my updated Aperture Library on my MacBook.


    I better delete Aperture from the old machine since working in Aperture there is now longer an option with the incompatibilities for Aperture between Snow Leopard and Lion.



    I am just now in the process of evaluating my back up strategy, and the choice of software for handling RAW-files is part of that rethinking. But I guess a total conversion to referenced images is not a bad idea after all.


    So it is may be too early to tell if Aperture is part of that strategy. I guess it is wise to harvest some experience with the new version before I make a decision.


    The fact that Snow Leopard is no longer compatible with the new version was something I probably must get accustomed to.



    So now I am wondering if importing an Aperture 3.2.4 library into Aperture 3.3 will cause any problems.


    Since now I will have to import my library from my old I-Mac (Intel Core Duo)  to my newer MacBook Pro to consolidate the two libraries.



    I realize that Apple's decision is that Snow Leopard is no longer compatible with Aperture.




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    This is not a slam at Aperture -- the same is true for the latest version of iPhoto.  While I am testing both new versions in a Lion boot on my Mac Pro, I have kept my day-to-day use in Snow Leopard and Aperture 3.2.4.  It is annoying at one level, but understandable from the need to position future development.