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Yesterday I got a message on my macbook that I needed to reboot. I did so and again received the same message upon re-booting. I re-booted again but this time Apple logo would appear but never progressed to the login. I made an appointment with the Apple Store and took it in. Naturally, it booted right up and the Apple Store employee looked at it and pointed out that my computer was nearly full. I was told that this might be the cause of my problem. So I brought my computer home and booted it up. I went exploring in my hard drive and deleted a few small items that I did not need - I also emptied the trash. I plugged my external HD (that I've used for years to back up stuff from my PC) into the Macbook. I attempted to access the external HD and the computer froze up and I rebooted. Upon login I decided simply delete various files that I really didn't need. But try as I might I could NOT empty the trash and the computer froze up again. I turned off the computer and again this morning tried to boot up. I got the reboot message again. I need to mention that I bought this computer used and that it is an older model Macbook Pro and that I do not have any disk that came with the original machine. The only thing on the computer that I'd be concerned about 'saving' is some music but I assume that anything I bought on iTunes with my account I could re-download upon fixing my computer.

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Here is some mor ammunition to try:




If no success, you can get original installation disks by calling Apple.  Have the serial number ready and a credit card.  There is a fee.  By using the installation disk, you should be able to get to you HDD and repair it unless it is totally dead.


The other option is another trip to the Apple store genius bar and have them deal with it.



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The answer to question #1 is possibly, but I cannot say with certainty.


What the Installation disk will provide is access to the internal HDD in Disk Utility.  If the HDD is corrupted, then you should be able to make it functional again.  If the HDD is physically malfunctioning, then a new internal HDD will have to be installed.


If you are in the USA, the phone number is 1 800 275 2273.  Have the serial number of the MBP ready and a credit card.



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