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Not sure if I am posting to the correct community or not but will give it a shot.  I just moved from a home where I had the Comcast cable modem and my airport Extreme.  No issues there.  Now Comcast has given me the new Xfinity modem/router combination and I'm unable to maintain a connection to the network with my ipad.  This is not an issue on my G5 Mac, or my Apple TV, but our two Ipads (original Ipad and an Ipad 2) simply say "unable to connect to network".  Network is there, strong signal, it just won't connect.   Today I tried to see if my iPhone would connect to the network via Wi-fi and of course it won't either.  I've called Comcast 3 times now in the past week.  When they reset the modem/router it fixes the problem - for a few hours - then it drops the network and can't reconnect.    I've seen others on the internet with the same issue.  What is going on?   My wife wants to dump Comcast she is so irritated and I'm about there myself.  This is clearly an issue with my Apple mobile devices and their router, anyone have any ideas what I should do?   Calling Comcast is not working, they are clueless.  Ipads worked fine for about a week when we first moved in, now this connection issue is the standard.

iPad 3G
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