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I... don't know what to think. How could they?

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Reply by Jason Fredregill on Jun 13, 2012 1:47 PM Helpful

My opinion, is that it is a mistake to assume that everyone will want to email files or store them in the Cloud. Size limitations and security issues abound.


Clients want DVDs, more and more want BluRays. They are still a solid storage medium/transport medium to say nothing of the billions of albums and movies out there. Not that many people can actually use a thumb drive to watch something on their TV, though the number is growing. DVDs rule the roost and will for some time.


But you can certainly get an external drive. The bigger faux pas, in my view, is the dropping of authoring support. No one else with a track record of offering pro software has dropped DVD authoring support. Now, that's not what iDVD is, but is that day coming for FCP, for example? Hope not.

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