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Ok, for those of us who have had trouble with iWeb crashing, not opening, and who inadvertantly reloaded iWeb and now can't access our old site in iWeb. Here's a solution posted by Phil Productions that he worked out from a trouble shooting discussion we were having. The parts in (Parenthesis) I added for clarification.


I dragged and dropped the domain name to my desktop,

(hard disk/users/user name/library/application support/iweb/domain)

then I opened iweb and created a new webpage. I deleted the index.xml.gz file on the new page.

(hard disk/users/user name/library/application support/iweb/domain - then click once on the new domain file while holding down the CONTROL key on the lower left of the keyboard, you'll get a pop down menu, select "show package contents)

I then copied the index.xml.gz file
(found inside the domain file)

from the old domain on my desktop to the new domain on the new webpage. I copied and pasted the rest of the files to the new domain and everything was recovered.

it looks like this file, the index/xml.gz file gets corrupted and prevents iWeb from opening or causes it to crash.

Hope this helps.


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    I've read the thread on this problem that was posted earlier. I'm having the same problem, in that iWeb will not launch all of a sudden. It starts to bounce in the dock, then just stops and won't launch. Doesn't matter if I try to launch off the application in the apps folder. I repaired permissions. Also, I removed the Domain file from where you mentioned, and it still won't launch.
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    As you have already moved your Domain file, you might want to try trashing the preference file.

    Move: YourUserName > Library > Preferences > com.apple.iWeb.plist >>>> to the trash.

    Then empty your trash and try again, just a thought and it cant hurt!

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    I'm having the same problem, so I wanted to try this solution. Much to my confusion, there is no iWeb folder in my Application Support folder!! I've searched the entire hard drive and there's nothing like that in my App Support folder. So I still cannot launch iWeb. I even did a new full install. How can I NOT have iWeb in the App Support folder??

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    Much to my confusion, there is no iWeb
    folder in my Application Support folder!!

    Are you totally sure you are looking in the right place, which is Home/Library/Application Support (not Library/Application Support)?
  • WillG4PB Level 4 (2,020 points)

    I dont think that the iWeb folder appears until you have actually opened iWeb and the closed it again.

    If you have not successfully opened iWeb, then its my guess this folder hasn't been created yet.


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    I have the corrupted index file problem, but none of the fixes have helped. Any other thoughts?

    I've tried opening the doain on a number of computers.
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    Have you tried the one where you ctrl+click on the domain file, show package contents, then locate the file called assets.YourUserName.plist then move it to the trash.

    Now close finder and relaunch iWeb?

    Where YourUserName = something that you recognise....


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