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Ok, for those of us who have had trouble with iWeb crashing, not opening, and who inadvertantly reloaded iWeb and now can't access our old site in iWeb. Here's a solution posted by Phil Productions that he worked out from a trouble shooting discussion we were having. The parts in (Parenthesis) I added for clarification.


I dragged and dropped the domain name to my desktop,

(hard disk/users/user name/library/application support/iweb/domain)

then I opened iweb and created a new webpage. I deleted the index.xml.gz file on the new page.

(hard disk/users/user name/library/application support/iweb/domain - then click once on the new domain file while holding down the CONTROL key on the lower left of the keyboard, you'll get a pop down menu, select "show package contents)

I then copied the index.xml.gz file
(found inside the domain file)

from the old domain on my desktop to the new domain on the new webpage. I copied and pasted the rest of the files to the new domain and everything was recovered.

it looks like this file, the index/xml.gz file gets corrupted and prevents iWeb from opening or causes it to crash.

Hope this helps.


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