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well, i have this "new ipad" and tried to update it to iOS 6 without a developer account, so when it came up i couldn't step any forward from "connect to iTunes" while when i connect it to the iTunes it give me no choice but to eject my device, what can i do about it?

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    Try recovery mode.



    You have no business trying to install a beta version of the iOS unless you are a developer. Wait until the public release comes out. There is a reason that this is a beta version.

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    well i just did it at it seemed to be woking but suddenly an error appeared and it came up again with the iOS 6 so i cant run it

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    If recovery mode will not work, the only thing that I can think of to try is DFU mode. This article will explain it. Find the link for the correct version if iOS 5.1.1 for your model of iPad as well. There is a link at the end - iPad firmware that should direct you to the website that lists all of the firmwares for the iPad.



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    Well I can't access the DFU mode, the Apple Logo comes up everytime i try this tip

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    What do you mean when you say that the Apple logo comes up every time? Do you mean on the iPad? I have no idea what the iOS install would look like but I assume that you are talking about on the iPad.


    Wait - never mind - I know what you mean. The timing is critical when you try DFU mode - the 10 seconds thing - at least that is what I have read. See if you can try it again.


    I don't know what else to try if recovery mode and DFU mode will not work.

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    it is written:

    • After 10 seconds pass, release the Power button but continue to hold the Home button for another 3-5 seconds
    • When in DFU mode, your iPad screen will stay completely black. If you see an Apple logo or otherwise you did not enter DFU mode

    well it doesnt enter!

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    I'm sorry, but like I said I no of nothing else to try. Maybe go back to recovery mode and see if that will work. And like I also said .... from what I have read, the 10 second timing is supposed to be fairly critical. Try it again. I don't know what else to try.


    Other than contacting Apple for help, and they are not likely to want to help since you were trying to download an iOS that you weren't authorized to download, I just don't know what else to tell you.