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Currently I have an October 2009 21.5 inch iMac with 500gb hard drive and 12gb RAM. I have been wanting a laptop for a while now, and am thinking about the new 13inch Air. Do you guys think this is an upgrade I should do? It wouldnt cost too much since I would sell the iMac and use the money but would be getting the low-end 13inch. I have a 1TB external hdd so space is not that big of an issue. Any opinions are welcome. Thanks.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 21.5 inch. October 2009 version
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    Have both an iMac and MBP and the two are entirely different concepts.  The laptop is great, use it heavily, but the larger machine does have a lot of power and a lot more memory.  Of course, the new lineup of equipment has a lot of memory offered now, too.  If you go the Air route, make sure you buy as much memory as you can afford at the start.  That is not upgradable like the iMac.

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    Yeah the only reason I was wondering is because my iMac has a 3.06 intel core 2 duo, even though thats very powerful i would assume the ivy bridge processors would be much faster even at a lower gHz, and I think i would buy the most memory (8gb i think)

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    I can't slight the Air, great machine.  But one has to be aware of the differences...and portability sure is nice.


    Have you gone to the friendly Apple retail store and spent some time with an Air?  Get a feel for it and see how you like the display?  Make sure you are comfortable before making the commitment to switch formats.


    You're right the processors in the laptops are really powerful now.

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    yeah i am going tomorrow and my brother is getting the same one so i will for sure spend some time with it and see if i like it

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    If your decision is to buy the Air, consider the amount of memory and make sure you get more than you think you will need since that cannot be upgraded in the future.  SSD storage is extremely expensive and you can easily get by with an external hard drive in the mulitple-TB size for much less money.  You would have the speed for startup and operating system activities and the external slower drive for things that are not so intensive.  Good way to compromise.


    Bottom-line isput your money where it is most important, something that cannot be altered or that has no path for expansion.


    Have a great time working with the new toys at the Apple store.