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I have several issues with TV shows purchased on iTunes that I cannot explain  First, there are several TV shows that have been purchased in the Store that do not show up on Apple TV.  These same shows: 1. persistently download to iTunes everytime I open iTunes even though I don't want to keep them on my hard drive (just want them in the Cloud.) 2. Do NOT show up when I click on the Purchased link within the Store. BUT 3. DO show up in my list of Purchased items within iTunes when I click on Purchased in the Sidebar.  See screenshots below.  The first shows iTunes where there are several Curious George and Downton Abbey shows ready for download.  The second shows the iTunes Store where these shows don't show up (but several others do).  I am signed in with the same Apple ID.

Are these problems related in some way?

Can someone tell me how to:

1. See all my purchased shows on Apple TV?

2. Stop these TV shows from automatically downloading to iTunes and just keep them available in the Cloud?itunes Purchased.jpg

Store purchased.jpg





Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)