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You can create an Effect that includes a zeroed Highlights & Shadows Olde-Tyme Brick, and then apply that Effect to _any_ Image.


Create the Effect:

  1. Go to Photos
  2. Filter using the Rule "Adjustments" set to "includes" "Highlights & Shadows"
  3. Select one Image
  4. Duplicate that Version
  5. Un-check all Bricks _except_ Highlights & Shadows
  6. Set "Highlights" to zero
  7. Set "Shadows" to zero
  8. Click the disclosure triangle to show the "Advanced" sliders
  9. Reset all five of these to their defaults (this is done by double-clicking each slider handle)
  10. Click the "Highlights & Shadows" Brick Action Menu (the gear), and if it is not grayed out, click "Apply to entire photo".
  11. Click, above the Brick stack, the tile labeled "Effects"
  12. From the drop-down, click "Save as Effect"
  13. Type a name for this Effect.  I used "Highlights & Shadows, Olde-Tyme".
  14. Click "OK"


You can now apply this Effect to any Image.


When you apply this Effect, the pre-3.3 "Highlights & Shadows" Brick supplants the truncated 3.3 "Highlights & Shadows" Brick, if that Brick is not active.  If it _is_ active, you will see two H & S Bricks, one 3.3 version, and one pre-3.3 version.


You can not, afaik, set this effect to a keyboard shortcut using Aperture's customizable commands.  (Don't know why -- --Effects aren't commands?)


I plan to assign this to an Aperture-only keyboard shortcut using Keyboard Maestro (recommended -- I'm a happy customer).


The idea was not mine.  Read about it here.  Many thanks to that poster for the idea  .


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