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Getting ready to migrate to Lion or possibly Mountain Lion depending on date.


Have XSAN 2.2 on OSX 10.6.8.  2 MDC servers.  The backup MDC is also DNS and OD using ACLs, as well as network share.

10 Adobe graphic clients

4 FCP 7 clients

Promise Array with expansion chassis.

Qlogic 5602 fiber switches.


Anyone done this yet?  Any tips?


Upgrade or clean builds?


What happens to licenses in Xsan Admin since Lion comes with licenses?



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    While it will be double the work, I would suggest staying away from a new OS until you (and the community) had a chance to figure it all out.  Also, see here:  http://www.apple.com/osx/whats-new/features.html that Apple has announced that Mountain will contain Xsan 3.  So there is yet another wrinkle in your plan.  There is next to no public details about this version.


    Snow (2.2.x) to Lion (2.3) should be a relatively easy migration.  However, I suggest some of the obvious:


    1:  Have a confirmed backup

    2:  Make sure you estimate the time properly so as to not interrupt workflow - calculate for the worst

    3:  Remove all your clients from the SAN and upgrade them to Lion independently of SAN interaction

    4:  Stop the volume, validate it with cvfsck

    5:  Consider running the update on both controllers concurrently or remove the backup from the san so there is no interference.


    Now, if you have the luxury, a nuke and pave often makes the most sense as you can ensure that the system is the cleanest.  It can also reset the san volume and eliminate any pent up fragmentation.


    Review these Kbase articles:




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    Thanks for the input.  I'll read the KBs.  It is always good to restate the obvious, though I had most of that in mind.  Don't think we can have the down time to do clean install.  Backup is issue also with 32 TB ( 2 x 16TB chassis) and no LTO library.  I hadn't seen the Mountain Lion XSAN 3 listing.  Adds another unknown factor.

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    By the way, the boys at Promise will send you loaner hardware.  You might want to give them a call.  This will allow you to offload everything to a direct attached array so you have some level of backup.


    Ya, that Xsan 3 move is going to be interesting.  There are no publicly disclosed features so planning for the move remains a mystery to most. 


    Good luck.  Make sure you backup the config folder so you have a fallback.

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    Also check your MDC Servers.  If you bought them four years ago (xserve 2,1) (2008) like we did they are not supported by Mountain Lion.  Unbelievable Apple.

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    Agreed.  And the excuse... graphic drivers not moved to 64 bit...  Then let me run it headless.