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i have had this issue through several versions of macbook, i transfer my settings and before it would recognise ipod shuffles but subsequently it says its corrupted, i could restore it multiple times and it still says its corrupt, yet plug it into any other mac and its fine, its bugging me , i dont really want to have to delete all my settings just to get a shuffle working , anyone got any ideas?

iPod shuffle, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Are you connecting the iPod shuffle directly to the MacBook's USB port, or do you use a USB hub of some type?  If it's a hub, perhaps it is faulty and the common thing that has followed you through different MacBooks (not your "settings").  If you do use a USB hub, it should be the type that provides its own power, but the cheaper kind that relies on the Mac's USB port for power.


    You can test to see if there is a problem related to user settings.  Create a new user account in System Preferences Accounts (or Users & Groups) pane.  Log out and log in to the new user account.  The new account will be using a fresh set of user preferences files, including those used by iTunes.  Run iTunes, connect your iPod shuffle, and see of this same problem recurs.

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    ipod is connected directly to usb port, i created a new account but it still registered as corrupted...

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    So, it works fine with another Mac, but not with your Mac.  And it's apparently not related to user preference settings, because the you have tried it in a brand new user account (problem recurs).  AND this problem has followed you from previous MacBooks.  That is really weird.


    You used the same USB cable/dock when testing with the other Mac (assuming you don't have a first gen iPod shuffle)? 

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    This has repeated with a number of shuffles , 2nd,3rd and the 4th gen, with different leads

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    I have no explanation or theory for why this problem would recur only for you with different Macs, different user accounts, different USB cables, and even different shuffles.  Yet the shuffle (at least the current one) works properly when you "plug it into any other mac."


    If you have an Apple Store nearby, you may want to make an appointment at the Genius Bar.  Take your MacBook along to demonstrate that it does not work.  Then, have them try it on their Mac.  If there is a problem with the shuffle, and it's less than one year old, you can see about getting a replacement.  If there's a problem on the MacBook side, maybe they can figure it out why it's not working for you.