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I have multiple TV shows that are on different Apple devices (Macbook, iPad, Mac Mini) iTunes that were purchased in iTunes store.  But they do not show up on all my devices when I try to download available purchases.  Nor do many of them show up in the Store when I click Purchased.  Can someone help me get all my content together?  Or at least have it show up in the Store?





Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    First, check to see that all devices are logged into the Apple Store using the same Apple ID that you used for the purchases. And, make sure you used the same Apple ID [if you have more than one] to purchase these items.


    If multiple or different IDs were used, you won't be able to see that content until you have logged in with that ID.

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    I'm having the same sort of problem, except with apps.  Apps that I purchase on my iPad that are also available for my MacBook don't show up in Purchases in the App Store on my MacBook.  Am I expected to re-buy these apps for different devices?


    And, yes, I am logged in with the same account.  Even attaching my iPad for a sync doesn't transfer the apps.

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    iOS apps are incompatible with Macs, and vice versa. And yes, you are expected to buy them for a competely different operating system.