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In iWeb you can have an image as a hyperlink [email url file etc]. It would appear that in iBooks Author you can only have text as a hyperlink. If that is not the case then how would you turn a 'facebook' icon [*.jpg] into a webpage hyperlink?

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  • K T Level 7 Level 7 (23,700 points)

    iBA doesn't offer that ability directly, sorry.


    The option is to bracket the image with text and link, or link to text and then put the image in front.

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    Thanks for the prompt help very much appreciated. I guess this is really an issue for the Apple developers given that they delivered the functionality in iWeb it is difficult to understand why it was not delivered in iBA Ant..

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    I'm new to iBA, how do you go about "bracketing" the image? Do you mean using the HTML widget and using dashcode? Can I use standard HTML syntaxt with the HTML widget?