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    Yes, I think that's right. However, since I no longer have that rescue address available to me and seem not to be able to get my security questions right, I cannot get a reset via the rescue email address. Dumb, and leaves me totally stranded. I have removed the rescue address from mother contact list but it remains in the system somewhere, I'm guessing on the password and security page. This isn't logical. Trying to contact Apple about it but their support page says my phone number is invalid - of course it is not, but their validation is wrong!

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    Has a solution been found for this problem? I wanted to do the same thing, turn my old rescue address into my primary. So I removed the rescue and replaced it with another email. But when I go to change my primary it STILL says I can't use my rescue address, even though that is no longer my rescue address..can someone please help me out? Thanks

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    I have several Apple IDs that I have gained for testing iChat.

    In some cases I have removed the support email to use it again.


    I would use the iForgot site to enter the email and see if it is linked to another account.



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    Whew, thank you Chezard!

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    So I just figured it out...What you do is go to iCloud and sign in. On the left hand side click on password and security. It will prompt you to answer questions (I could not remember mine so had to reset--write them down!!) Once you answer your questions you will then see a page where you can edit your security questions and **change your rescue email!! Change this email to what every you want. Now you can edit your primary address and put in the email you wanted to but could not cause it was stuck in your rescue email. Hope this helps!

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    Do you think they have been waiting 3 years to do something? (Check the date of the post your responded to).

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