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Carlos Garcia5 Level 1 (5 points)

I'm trying to update our lab computers to Adobe CS 6 Master Collection, but all of the apps only work in the admin account and none work from the managed accounts.


I've posted this on the Adobe forums, but no help so far: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1020522?tstart=0




1. Made sure that all applications are checked in the limit applications preferences.

2. Changed permissions on all Adobe related folders to read and write.


The prompt stating that the user does not have permission to open the application comes up.

  1. if I select always allow, nothing happens.
  2. If I select allow once, other permission prompts come up for the application's components (e.g., adobe_licutil) and the application freezes.


If the account preference is changed to allow this user to administer this computer, all applications work fine, so there is some kind of problem with CS 6 and parental controls (nothing works if parental controls is activated for a managed account, regardless of the applications being allowed for the managed user).


Any ideas?

  • Bill Grutz Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here, can not run adobe_licutil as a managed user. Have you gotten a solution yet?

  • Carlos Garcia5 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey Bill:


    The Adobe manager that I contacted did not test CS 6 on Snow Leopard because they did not have a computer running SL. He tested CS 6 on Lion and everything works fine. The problem is that we are using SL because we depend on software that doe not work in Lion.


    Adobe's position is that there is no problem, which clearly, there is. The manager wanted me to update the computers to Lion, which we cannot do. So no CS 6 for our labs.


    Try posting on the forum thread with the link that I provided above and let Adobe know that you are also experiencing this problem.


    Let me know how it goes.



  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)

    Have Adobe replace your CS6 with CS5 or earlier version that works with 10.6


    Tell them you have tens to thousands of dollars worth of third party specialty printers that there are only drivers for PPC, and PPC won't run on 10.7, it's too expensive to replace on short notice.


    Tell them that over 50% of Mac users are on 10.6 and will be for the foreseeable future.


    Tell them it is Apple's fault entirely for their not giving a dam about the professioanl market, but in order for you to remain a Adobe customer they are going to bend a little and not rush too far ahead with Apple.


    Believe me Adode is really no friend of Apple since the Flash/Jobs debacle and you pay Adobe's bills, not Apple.


    Really start considering moving to Windows 7. Their OS versions last a decade, not a year like Mac's do.


    In fact, consider buying Windows 7 towers and see if Adobe will transfer the licenses.



    Apple doesn't care about the needs of the Pro market for stability. They don't care, or they wouldn't release a new OS X version so often and refuse security updates for older OS X verisons.

  • Bill Grutz Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the info Carlos. We are also not in a position to upgrade to Lion either. 450 workstations to get imaged and I thought I was ready to go! Looks like an uninstall and going back to 5.5.  I will post on the Adobe forum also. Sure glad we spend this money on the Adobe upgrade. It is really too bad that Apple, Adobe and Microsoft can't play well together. It would make all of our jobs a lot easier and maybe improve sales for all...

  • Carlos Garcia5 Level 1 (5 points)

    "Really start considering moving to Windows 7."


    This is really not a viable solution and this suggestion is slightly off topic. If we are unwilling to updgrade from SL to Lion, what makes you think that we're going to switch to an entirely different OS? That would be a much bigger leap.


    And not to start a flame war, but:

    No. 1: Windows s*cks. From an administration, user experience, and ease of use stand point, I would never convert our labs to PCs. Ain't...gonna....happen. Yes, Windows 7 is nice, but it's still Windows. And have you tried Windows 8 on PCs. Total...complete...mess. So no thanks.


    That's just my opinion (and the opinion of the supervisors that have made the decision to go with Macs in our creative labs).


    Their OS versions last a decade, not a year like Mac's do."


    No. 2: Windows XP shouldn't have lasted as long as it did, and how long did Vista last? Remember that disaster? Now they're going down the same road with Windows 8 (on PCs, at least). Wouldn't be surprised if they ditched the Metro-UI for PCs in two years. So much for MS OS'es lasting 10 years.


    Anyway, the point is that CS 6 does not work with 10.6.8. This has nothing to do with Windows.