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Hi Guys,


I have an OS10.4 Server, bound to AD. I have generated a Certificate Signing Request from Server Admin. I have generated a Self Sign Web Certifcate from my Windows CA and using the Add Signed certificate Button in Server Admin attempted to complete the Certifacte process. It never works, I get error when writing -1 .


I have Googled this to death so I hope someone can show me just how easy this is. All I want to do is have my Windows users (who trust my Windows CA) connect to iChat and Web on my Mac Server and not get a certiftcate Warning. Not much to ask.


I know how inflexible Self signed certs are but for me its all I need so why buy a commerical cert, I just need to be able to get my Mac OS10.4 Server to work with my Windows RootCA.


Can anyone help?