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new hdd. how do I get lion back??

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    Time Machine?


    Lion Recovery?

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    have neither!


    big laptop destruction, hence new hdd. no timemachine at the time


    cannot find a redownload on Apple?

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    How did you get Lion in the first place - it came on your machine? Or you upgraded to it from Snow Leopard?


    The two methods I can think of are:


    * Reinstall Snow Leopard, then go to the App store and get Lion again. It should show up under "Purchases".


    * Go to the App store and download Lion on another computer. Make an install disk.



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    i remember downloading it fro apple, so i assume i bought it!

    however it does not show up on 'apps' ?



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    "apps" ?


    It should be under "Purchases" when running the App store application.


    Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 11.12.38 AM.png

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    Thank you both for trying to help.


    Having tried to download using my wifes login  (recommended by 'apple' on telephone and failing, trying updates, purchases as suggested and failing I gave up.


    I presse the purchase button and was told immediately that I already had paid and just to continue to get re-installation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Probably the least INTUITIVE bit of stuff I have come across since leaving Windows!!!!!!!!!!!


    Surely a reload/reinstall/get it again (whatever) should be available on your PURCHASES LIST !!!!!!!! and simply INSTALL???????????


    Why do I have to guess at BUYING to get somthing I have already purchased?????????????




    Yup a bit peeeeeed ooofffffff!


    Still it is only 01:05 and still rebuilding


    Thank you again